My one-pound wonder is 8 years old today!!

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My one-pound wonder is 8 years old today!!

Postby hannahsmom » Mon Aug 24, 2009 09:13 am

Wow - two big events in one day. Hannah started second grade today....on her birthday!! I didn't even cry (yet!) She is such a healthy, happy young lady. I had no idea 8 years ago whether she would even survive...and now look at her. We have seen a miracle happen before our eyes and we will be forever grateful. Okay, now the tears are starting :) She weighed less than a pound in the delivery room, and they told us they would try their best to keep her alive. I didn't get to see her for two days because I was so unstable. A few hours later the nurse practioner came to see me in my hospital room to tell me that Hannah wasn't going to make it, and she sat down and cried with me. We had her Baptized right then. Now 8 years later, here she is! And now she has a brother on the way. I can't believe it. Anyway, I didn't mean to make this a sad's such a happy day. I know you preemie mommas will understand :)

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