Is this really Pre E?

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Re: Is this really Pre E?

Postby momma2four » Thu May 10, 2012 07:51 am

My office dipstick was negative for protein but my 24 hour urine and bloodwork came back abnormal and I was induced at 37 weeks. You don't have to show protein in your urine with a dipstick because they don't correlate well.

It sounds to me like yes, you have pre-e and bedrest does help. (at least it helped me) I was borderlining pre-e at 23 weeks with high bp and protein. I was put on strict bedrest (only bathroom and shower privlidges) and stayed that way until delivery 14 weeks later. The more I stayed on bedrest the lower my protein dropped. The MW's theory was that the decrease in activity helped to slow the strain on my kidneys which helped my BP and the protein. I actually had a few weeks where my BP was stable and protein was almost back to zero. Then it reared its ugly head again very quickly.

Pay attention to your body. I felt "off" and insisted that they do another 24 hour urine and check on me. They admitted me to do it and I ended up staying for 2 days before delivering. Because I was there and monitored, I was able to avoid Mag.

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Re: Is this really Pre E?

Postby alexis » Mon May 07, 2012 08:16 am

It is possible to have preeclampsia and get a clean random dip. The dipstick measures concentration, not quantity, so if your urine is very concentrated or dilute, the dipstick is not accurate. The 24 hour urine is the standard.

I once got a freak low BP reading--at 36 weeks after my BP had been gradually rising for weeks. I would, tbh, put more stock in the 24 hour and the trend, but speak to your midwife. You can feel absolutely fine with preeclampsia even when very, very ill. I did not start feeling ill until I was so sick my daughter needed to be delivered.
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Re: Is this really Pre E?

Postby MomTimesThree » Mon May 07, 2012 00:44 am

What your MFM might have meant was that on the UA that they did at the office there was no protein. When we do urine dips at the doctors office mine always come back trace or negative, even though my 24hrs for the last month have been at 400. Reading posts from others here it seems the one time dip can be very inaccurate and I would trust the 24hrs over a dip.

I wish I could say a healthy pre-pregnancy promised a healthy pregnancy. We had zero risk factors for pre-e... and yet found ourselves with it. You're right it's very very frustrating, and bp can be a funky thing. A friend of mine that was hospitalized with pre-e for 4 weeks had beautiful BP... except for the middle of the night when it spiked to awful numbers even with medication.

I'm sure other folks with more experience will chime in with other info. I'd say regardless, something is up to make your kidneys so unhappy spilling protein.
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Is this really Pre E?

Postby jessicahaley » Sun May 06, 2012 04:22 pm

I am 28 weeks along in my first pregnancy. Years ago I self diagnosed myself with 'white coat syndrome' and have high bp at the doctors office every time I go. It never alarmed me. At around 23 weeks my reading at my routine ob appointment was 156/93. Understandably, my midwife was concerned and sent me home with a 24 hour urine. The results came back at 624. Since that day (April 2nd) I have been put on bed rest. I do weekly 24 hour urine tests and see my midwife every week. My protein has been increasing. The trend so far is 624,676,724,767. I feel normal with no symptoms. My bp at home is normal. Last Tuesday I went to a to see a mfm specialist far away from my town. I had a level two u/s done to check for growth, placenta function, ect. Everything was perfect. I was relaxed and did not expect to get my bp taken. I also gave a urine sample for them to check mulitple things. My bp was 125/80. The mfm specialist told me I had NO proteinuria. I was hoping he would suggest that I be taken off bed rest but after looking at my liver enzymes and past readings he said it was best to keep me in the bed. He stated that my enzyme levels have slightly increased this past month. On Friday, I turned in another 24 hour urine test and had more blood work done. I am currently waiting for the results and will call tomorrrow find out.

I am so greatly confused and frustrated by my situation. I am 23 and have always been highly active and healthy. I have done lots of research in these last few weeks and I don't find much information relating to my situation. How could my proteins be going up and then be nothing at the mfm place? Is it because the 24 hour urine tests are more accurate? I would assume this 'high tech' facility would have the best equitment to detect proteinuria in pregnant women. I understand Preeclampsia can progress very rapidly or creep up slowly. It's very unpredictable. Why does it happen? Is it really problems in the placenta, or genetic predispositions? I am assuming is it a variety of factors, just none of them make any sense to me. ha. damn you preeclampsia.

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