24 Hour Urinalysis Results.. Confused

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24 Hour Urinalysis Results.. Confused

Postby amberstrika » Thu Jul 12, 2012 07:27 pm

Hello all,

I am currently 30 weeks along with my third pregnancy. Baby 1 - I was diagnosed with severe PE AFTER I had a c-section and had left the hospital. I went in a few days later not feeling well and all of a sudden I was told I had PE, pulmonary edema and pneumonia. Baby 2- At my 37 week checkup my BP was elevated and there was significant protein in my urine. I was delivered via c-section the next day. So here I am with this new pregnancy and I seem to have come down with a serious case of white coat syndrome. I monitor my BP at home twice a day and it rarely ever gets above 120/70. Yet every time I go to my docs, it likes to hover around 140-150/85-90. This happened to me again yesterday (156/98), and with my past history my OB had me admitted to the hospital for a 24 hour urinalysis for protein. She is very hesitant to give me BP meds, because at the hospital they had me relax and did serial BP readings, and the average reading was 100/55! (Done by an automated machine with no medical staff present) If they were to give me meds they say I would most likely bottom out. When I am relaxed and comfortable my pressure readings are outstanding. Yet every time I have a reading taken with a doctor in the room it shoots up. I think I'm so afraid they will be high I make them high myself! So it appears that my BP is actually doing great.

My big question has to do with my 24 hr Urinalysis results. My doctor came into the room with the results and was quite pleased that my reading were only 1g for the full 24 hour catch. But as I was discharged, the nurse who was pushing me out the car seemed a lot more concerned. She told me that it was not dangerous for me now, but that a reading of 1g at only 30 weeks spells trouble for the future of this pregnancy. Here I thought that my results were great! I know a lot about most of the tests they ran, but I do not know at hand what would be considered normal protein reading for a 24 hour catch... All my other test came back great. Liver, Arterial pressure, BP.. etc. Does anyone happen to know if my doctor is pleased that the results are not terrible right at this moment, or if I really should be expecting the worst at this point, given I'm only 30 weeks. I'm a bit at a loss because of the fact that none of my doctors will now take what my BP readings in office are at face value. Which I agree with because they are always superb at home. So my readings in the office won't be raising red flags with my OB. She's pretty much relying on my BP charts I take at home (I also check my protein with reagent strips)... This is all driving me nuts, and probably not very healthy for me in the long run. I'm just hoping for some advice and input from any knowledgables out there as to whether a 1g protein reading for a 24 hour catch means I should expect the worst.

Thank you!

You know.. The more I think about this, the more confused I get.. I am now reading that a result of 1g of protein in my urine would be significant proteinuria. I may be wrong though.. I'm a bit confused. All I know is that my doctor is over-the-top OCD about my every symptom. I love her because she takes me extremely seriously, and every time I so much as say I have a headache it's off to the hospital for tests. She has told me that she has no problem ordering me being admitted to the hospital for the rest of my pregnancy if I am at all in danger.. She even told me I'd just have to "deal with it" if it caused me to be inconvenienced. She seriously means business. That's why I am now so confused at her being so pleased with all my lab results. She NEVER would have let me go home if there was significant protein. I confirmed with my husband that she did in fact say I had "Only 1g in the whole catch" but now we are thinking maybe she meant a lower number. Then again, maybe I'm just wrong in what I'm reading and it is a normal number... <sigh>.. and help would be so grateful. I just checked my BP for the first time since I got home and it was 105/65.

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