eclamptic seizure heart impaired

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Re: eclamptic seizure heart impaired

Postby kerisue » Fri Jul 20, 2012 05:17 pm

Wow, Marlin, it sounds like you went through a nightmare! I'm glad that you are recovering and that your baby Olivia is okay. I also had heart and lung complications during my pregnancy and illness. My obstetrician recommended I not have any more pregnancies. I later saw a specialist who discussed the whole issue with me. He talked with me extensively about his estimation of my chances of getting preeclampsia again in a future pregnancy and how exactly I would be monitored and treated the second time around. After hearing my obstetrician's opinion, the specialist's opinion, a 2nd specialist's opinion, after determining my heart and lungs were back to normal, after doing tons of research on preeclampsia, after searching my heart, after talking with friends and family, I decided to go ahead and try for another pregnancy.

Many women who get preeclampsia in a first pregnancy sail through their next pregnancy with no complications; others unfortunately experience it again, sometimes even worse than the first time. Only you can decide whether you should get pregnant again, but I would recommend you make the decision after getting good information from a specialist who would see you in a 2nd pregnancy.

I hope you can get some support with all these follow up appointments you have- since your husband is back at work, maybe your mom or a friend? Good luck!
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Re: eclamptic seizure heart impaired

Postby amberstrika » Fri Jul 20, 2012 02:02 pm

Me again.

I also want to reiterate the importance of realizing that not all physicians are created equally. Even if my MFM practice the discrepancy is amazing. During my last pregnancy I suffered from headaches for abut 2 months. During that time I saw each of the 3 practicing OB's. The first sort of grinned at me and shoved fist fulls of narcotic pain meds into my purse while praising the medicinal properties of tranquilizers. The second could not be bothered to look up from the object of his affection, my chart, and muttered to it that "pregnant women get headaches", while stroking it lovingly (I have seen him over 10 times and still don't know the color of his eyes), and lastly, my knight in shining armor, OB 3 who valiantly enters the room and proceeds to swing around her sword (at least in my imagination) screeching "get thee back preeclampsia, thy monster of the abyss!" Seriously, every symptom I have gets her in a frenzy over preeclampsia. "What's this?! Increased vaginal discharge?! To the hospital with you for a full work up for PREECLAMPSIA!!!!!" My husband and I took to taking our hospital bags with us at every appointment I had with her, because 9 times out of 10 it was a hospital stay for me. But you know what? It was precisely because of her willingest to take everything so seriously that made her my favorite.

So you see, even in one practice, with only three doctors you can have remarkable differences in opinion. That's why it's so important to go for second opinions. Just like everyday people with their different opinions, the same is true for the world of medicine!


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Re: eclamptic seizure heart impaired

Postby amberstrika » Fri Jul 20, 2012 01:35 pm

I wrote you this huge, essay long reply and my laptop decided to take a big computer poo right before I clicked "send". I'm foaming at the mouth furious, but I feel like I have to respond to your post. My experience with my first daughter was so like yours that I hope I can help you out a little bit with my story. Sorry for the novel-length response, but here goes:

When my first daughter was born back in 2003 I never expected anything to end up being out of the ordinary. It was a pretty normal pregnancy, except for the fact that she was a HUGE baby. So huge that I was induced at almost 39 weeks, and ended up having a c-section because of failure to progress. She weighed in at 9 lbs, 16 oz. And this was a week and some days early. Recovering from a c-section was not how I expected to spend my first few days with my baby. Hooked up to an epidural waiting with gritted teeth for my next dose of pain meds. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. I already started off on the wrong foot. A few days later, the day after I was discharged, I could just feel that something was wrong. I could hardly breathe and I felt like I was surely dying. I made my husband take me back tot the ER, fearing possible bronchitis, or the flu. Turns out, I really WAS dying. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs hence the breathing problem) and pneumonia. BAM! All at once I went from new mom to critical care patient. Since I had pneumonia, my baby was not allowed to be anywhere near me. Due to all the medications, I could also not breastfeed, and felt like I was missing out on a huge part of motherhood. After 2 excruciating weeks, I was finally discharged and told to take it easy, and attend follow up appointments with numerous specialists. I came to find out that yet another product of my experience was a heart condition.

At my first follow up appointment I was told my my OB that I should not plan on having more kids. With my history it was too dangerous. Last thing my body needed was a re-occurrence of what had happened. I told myself that I planned otherwise. I spent the next 7 years getting my body in peak physical condition to change my fate and try again. I lost a ton of weight, ate healthy, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol. After giving my body ample time to adjust to it's new found heart condition I saw a high risk specialist who gave me the green light. I was now in better physical condition that most moms going into normal pregnancies. I was still high risk, but was ready to try again. After becoming pregnant I made sure that my OB's were up to the task of working with someone who needed special attention and monitoring like myself. I made sure that the hospital I was planning on delivering in was ready for any problems that may befall me.

Did I end up getting preeclampsia again even though I had gone through such intense physical conditioning? You bet your butt I did! At my 37 week appointment my blood pressure had shot up, and I was spilling +2 protein. The next day, I was delivered via c-section and started immediately on a mag drip (which wasn't so bad, in my opinion). I had no lasting problems with baby #2 once she was out. I credit taking excellent care of myself, and working with a team of specialists for my ability to have more kids. I went from being told "no more!!" by my general practice OB to having another beautiful daughter with a mostly painless pregnancy. I did it again, and am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my third (and last) daughter. With careful monitoring (checking BP and protein every day at home) and frequent MFM appointments, I have been able to have more kids. It's EXTREMELY scary, but it can be done. As long as you are taken proper care of, it's a night/day difference. I had never even heard of preeclampsia until after my first was born, and with my other two I monitor myself like a hawk. Seeing a high-risk specialist makes all the difference in the world. If I were you, I wouldn't throw having more kids out the window until you have explored all your options. There are women here who have managed to have additional children even after having severe preeclampsia and HELLP at gestation's either not viable, or just barely, so hang in there.

Happy pep talk aside, it is important to discuss the repercussions of what you are going through now. Right at this moment with your new baby. It took me almost 4 years, yes, YEARS, to adjust to life with my first born. Everything went so unbelievable wrong with her, that I feared I would never get used to my new baby. During my hospital stay, I missed her first bath, her first stroller walk, even her first Halloween. This was not the way it was supposed to be. I reemerged from the hospital a scared, inexperienced new mom who didn't even recognize her own child. Everyone around me seemed to have everything under control, while I could hardly tell left from right. With my disappointment in everything going so wrong, I became severely depressed. I felt like I should be able to connect with my baby more, and like that had been stolen from me. I fancied that she was someone else's child, and that surely this could not be the baby I had so desperately wanted. I had a hard time interacting with her, and even imagined her real parents coming to take her away. It was a long hard road, but eventually, mostly through self-acceptance and awareness that even though I wasn't a cooing, proud new mom, she was mine and here to stay, things changed. It wasn't until she was no longer a baby, but a growing, talking preschooler that I finally felt the feelings of motherhood towards her. As a baby, my mind refused to accept her as my own, but once we had the ability to go out shopping, and sharing a laugh at something funny over ice cream cones, that that warm, maternal feeling finally found a place.

I can promise you, from my experience, that even though it is not easy, and may very well be a long, hard road, things will change for the better. See a therapist, or speak to other moms about your feelings. Even if it's just online. Never underestimate the value of honesty. When I finally got up the courage to reach out to other moms online, I was shocked to see just how normal my situation was. The text-book images of happy, beaming moms in their clean, perfect houses is not reality for most of us. There were some days I wanted to pawn my baby off on anyone who would take her just for some breathing space. And when new motherhood isn't exactly what you expected, you are often left behind feeling disappointed and angry. You are not alone though, and I hope my story can help you in some way. Just keep your chin up and take each day one step at a time. Don't let you feelings of disappointment swallow you whole, and be sure to seek separate opinions before you give up on your dreams of additional children. Good luck!

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eclamptic seizure heart impaired

Postby marlin61912 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:29 am

I am hoping to find some comfort and possibly answers im glad n wish I would've found this sight sooner.....I went in the hospital 6/17/12 didn't give birth until 6/19/12 via c section and was released 6/22/12 on 6/23 I woke up after a small nap and just started seeing spots and was realizing I was loosing my vision as anyone could imagine I was freaking out I asked my husband to take me to the hospital while my mother watched our newborn by the time I got to the emergency room I had completely lost my vision and from what im told had a seizure I was taken to the intensive care unit where I had another seizure I don't remember much to be honest I just remember waking up being told I was diagnosed with eclampsia a "sickness" caused by pregnancy worst of all my heart had slowed down and I would need treatment I was in the icu for a week n was told iwould need to continue medications for my heart worst is I was recommended to NEVER become pregnant again because of the high risk of the heart worsening it crushed me....well 2 days later after finally being reunited again with my baby Olivia I felt the same symptoms I was yet again taken to the emergency room where I was taken back to the icu n was in for 5 days it killed me being away from my baby I felt it was all taken away from me I could no longer breastfeed due to the medication I had lost precious time with my baby I wouldn't be able to have kids I had become depressed some of my veins ruptured my c section cut had opened I had to learn to walk again and my vision was imparedI was discharged with kepra and my heart med I have 5 doctors I have more appointments than I can handle and am.a fulltime mom since my husband has to work more now I was wondering if anyone went through something similar and still became pregnant with no further heart damage or just some comforting words....

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