Severe preclampsia with 2 pregnancies

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Re: Severe preclampsia with 2 pregnancies

Postby sam10 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 08:58 pm

I am glad that both your girls are healthy and well:-)
Have you been tested for underlying health issues, e.g. Lupus, clotting disorders etc? Most likely you would have had these tests in- between your pregnancies. If you haven't, you can try to set-up a consultation with your MFM to go over both of your cases of PE and ask about these tests. Your primary care physicisn could order them as well.
When I asked my MFM about reoccurrence in a subsequent pregnancy, he let me know that in some cases PE tends to come back pretty much the same way as in the previous one.
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Severe preclampsia with 2 pregnancies

Postby Dee80 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 03:47 pm


I started posting on here a few months ago before my daughter Bella was born for support and advice. I developed severe preclampsia at 34 weeks with her and was induced the same day. She is now 4 months old and is doing great. I also developed severe preclampsia with my first daughter Gianna at 34 weeks and was induced the same day. She will be 3 in October and is doing great also! I thank god everyday that both my girls and I made it thru preclampsia.

The only difference between both my pregnancies was that with my first i developed hypertension and protein at exactly 34 weeks. With my second I developed gestational hypertension at week 28 and then elevated protein at week 34. Both pregnancies my girls were both born the day they both turned 34 weeks. Postpardum, my blood pressure returned to normal after a few months.

Now I am wondering why would I develop preclampsia with both my pregnancies the same exact week. I am left with all these questions. Do I have an underlying health problem I'm unaware of? I do not know where I should begin with these and what type of doctor I should see?

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