Update + how long between protein/swelling to other trouble?

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Update + how long between protein/swelling to other trouble?

Postby angieb » Tue Sep 18, 2012 02:21 pm

I know this is going to vary widely, I'm just curious, on average. For people who had swelling and/or were spilling protein before any other trouble started (like blood pressure, headaches, HELLP symptoms, etc.), approximately how long did you have before new trouble started?
(Last week I had a +1 test at OB, but then a clear test that afternoon at my MFM. She ordered a 24 hour urine anyway. It came back with 700 mg protein and high uric acid. I have felt like my face and hands are getting pretty swollen- face feels like I'm getting a sinus infection especially around the bridge of my nose and sinuses, but I'm not. And my hands keep going numb a lot. Not to mention my knees, wrists, finger joints are achy like there is more pressure on them, even though they don't *look* particularly bad, at least not yet.) Anyway, my blood pressure is holding steady, fantastic even, some readings as low as 100's/60's, lately more like 110's/70's, not really any other symptoms yet. (We didn't do a baseline 24 hour urine for this pregnancy but my last one it was normal and there shouldn't have been anything in between that would have caused damage to my kidneys, plus the fact that I've never even dipped +1 or trace protein, even with weekly appointments for most of my previous pregnancy and this pregnancy.) I'm getting steroids today and tomorrow and being watched very closely in the meantime, so not too panicked yet, just curious how long others have made it. I'm 31.5 weeks, so if we can make it even 2 or 3 more weeks, we'd be in pretty good shape, gestational age wise. The problem is that with my history, I don't think they are going to have a very high tolerance for much drama (which I guess is also good, but I'd REALLY like to avoid NICU time if possible.)

In my first pregnancy, there was an appointment where I had gained 20 lbs from the previous appointment. Somehow, the swelling mostly went unnoticed/dismissed as "normal" until I was in the hospital in bad shape with hellp. There was about 6-8 weeks between the appointment with the weight gain to the time I delivered due to HELLP, and about 3 or 4 weeks until I started having intermittent upper right quadrant pain.
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