Help! I really dont know what to do :/

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Re: Help! I really dont know what to do :/

Postby sam10 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 07:37 pm

I am so sorry you are experiencing all these difficulties with your care. This is very frustrating. I am sure you told the doctor about all the symptoms you are having including the decreased movement, head ache, swelling, heartburn and your BP readings from home?

Is somebody accompanying you tomorrow? This often helps to advocate for yourself, especially if the doctors and nurses hear the same thing from two people rather than just one. Another thing I would do tomorrow is bring your BP monitor, so you can check with the nurse if your monitor gives you the same readings as the one in the office. I would also insist on lab work.
I will be thinking of you and let us know how your visit will go tomorrow.
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Help! I really dont know what to do :/

Postby melissaa » Tue Oct 09, 2012 05:43 pm

Last week at my ob appt, my nurse practitioner (who is concerned I may be headed for pre-e) diagnosed me with PIH after seeing my reading of 148/79 in the office paired with my at home readings that were really all over the place but quite a few high numbers (its been slowly climbing for a few weeks. Normal of 95/60 and then it stayed about 120/70 for a few months.. then a few weeks ago reached 130s/80s). She warned me to keep an eye on my bp and head to the hospital if it hit 140/90. This weekend I really started feeling like crap. I started feeling completely exhausted the entire day with worsening headaches (at times it feels like someone is stabbing a knife into my skull repeatedly), swelling in hands and eyes upon waking up in the mornings and my bp has been rising even more. I was consistently getting readings of 140s/high 80s even after laying down to rest. The past two nights I have felt like death warmed over and last night I had HORRENDOUS heartburn right in the middle of my chest that radiated to the right under my right breast and would not go away with tums and a perscription dose of Zantac) with nausea especially when I rested my right arm on my belly. The baby moved about 3 times in 3 hours dispite eating drinking and laying on my side (Ive been told to look for 10 movements in an hour). I was awake a lot in the night with a headache and my ears ringing and my bp this morning was 144/88. I called in today even though I have an appt tomorrow and the nurse thought I should be seen. I went in and got the same nurse I had previously who took my bp wrong with the cuff on my elbow and her hand up under it holding the stethescope and she said my bp today was 133/70 (it hasnt been that low in WEEKS). She asked me how the headache was and did I have any swelling and I mentioned those to her. When the Dr came in she made a laughing stock of me. She totally blew me off and said that I absolutely did not have PIH or did she think I was headed there anytime in the near future. She told me that my BP's didnt concern her in the least especially given "I didnt have any other symptoms"... HELLO.... what about the relentless headaches and swelling??! She said that since I have no protein on the dip, she wasnt worried... even though I was dipping negative when I got 500 on a 24 hour with DS and was sent to the hospital overnight. So I asked her how much of a concern was BP alone when you dont have protein.. and she proceeded to tell me that you can have preeclampsia without protein but since I still didnt have any other symptoms, she wasnt worried at all. She basically laughed at me the entire time I was there and told me she thought I wanted her to tell me that I was sick. Im seriously FED UP with being treated like this! OBVIOUSLY I dont want to be sick.. OR have a preterm baby.. but good grief, I'd much rather have a preemie than a stillborn!!! It really concerns me after being blown off so much with DD's pregnancy at a different ob, that she would have been stillborn within 24 hours had I not PUSHED for care. This dr also told me that since my labs were fine 2 weeks ago that im fine. I asked her if nothing bad could happen in 2 weeks and she basically didnt even answer me. It was all I could do to keep from slapping her and walking out!

Im nervous about tomorrow. I have a growth scan in the morning and HAVE to see the other dr who also blew me off a few weeks ago b/c shes the only person who has an opening in her schedule (obviously no one else likes her either). Im really nervous that she too is going to blow me off. Today I have been getting readings of 154/87 and other 140s/80s along with having the headache and blurriness, fatigue, a little nausea starting this evening, and the annoying uncomfortable feeling is back in my shoulder blade.
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