5 months postpardum

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Re: 5 months postpardum

Postby alviarin » Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:03 am

My periods were horrible over a year ago. Lasting longer than normal, bleeding heavier than normal. No significant uterine fibroids to explain the increase in bleeding. However upping my thyroid meds a little took care of my symptoms.

Hypothyroidism can cause heavy or painful periods, and pre-e may raise the risk of later developing a thyroid problem.
Hypothyroid mom to
Connor (severe pre-e at 38 weeks)
Claire (dx'd with pre-e and induction at 37 weeks)
Annabelle (chronic HTN & GD, superimposed pre-e @34 weeks, induction @37 weeks)

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5 months postpardum

Postby Dee80 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 09:55 am

Good morning everyone!

I have a quick question and wanted to see if anyone has advice for me. I am 5 months postpardum after delivering my baby 6 weeks early because of preclampsia. This was my second time developing preclampsia andmu first daughter was also born 6 weeks early too. During both deliveries I had a retained placenta. Now I am 5 months postpardum and have been experiencing very very heavy bleeding during my menstral cycles. I told my doctor and he order an ultrasound and bloodwork. They called me yesterday and said that I need to come. In today because the ultrasound showed thickening of my uterus and it could be left over tissue. They want to discuss surgery! I am so nervous because I am 5 months postpardum and this should not be happening. I am wondering what damage has been done to my uterus since its been so long? I'm also worried about infection but I do not show any signs of infection.

Has anyone been through a similar situation after delivering a preterm baby due to preclampsia? If so, what treatment did they recommend?

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