Long Term Illness after Pre Eclampsia?

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Re: Long Term Illness after Pre Eclampsia?

Postby meesh » Fri Oct 26, 2012 09:30 pm

Sorry you are not feeling well. I felt much like that after my PE pregnancy. Everything resolved after going gluten free (and a few other foods too). I don't know if I have celiac or not, I never had the biopsy. I had a blood test run by a naturopath and it was spot on with foods I need to avoid. Not saying that is your issue, but something to possibly look at? I know I was desperate for answers.
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Re: Long Term Illness after Pre Eclampsia?

Postby alviarin » Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:57 am

Sorry you haven't been feeling well.

I know I felt terrible when I was severely anemic after my first. I didn't need a blood tranfusion, but if my hemoglobin had been a point or two lower... So anemia alone can definitely make you feel exhausted.

Just wondering if you have had your thyroid checked? Pre-eclampsia may increase the risk of developing a thyroid disorder, which can also cause weakness/fatigue/heart palpitations. I was tired and stupid when my thyroid levels were low, and fatigued when my vitamin D levels were low. Both can be screened for with a simple blood test.

My sister never had pre-e, but had anemia and fatigue and horrible stomach pain and reflux before she went gluten free. She never had an intesitnal biopsy to defnitively diagnose celiac, but has the gene and symptoms.

I hope you are able to get some answers soon.
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Long Term Illness after Pre Eclampsia?

Postby lynkin123 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 06:30 am

Dear all - my little boy is 21 months now so technically I should be ok after having quite a bad case of Pre Eclampisa. After loosing 2 pints of blood during emergency spinal block/forcep delivery, I was in hospital for 7 days. First 2 days on IV Magnesium and then on Labetalol and Iron tablets. However I have since struggled with severe tiredness and anemia together with vitamin B12 Deficiency. Along with feeling very exhausted, I generally feel a lot weaker, prone to stomach upsets and sickness, heart palpitations and sensitive to anxiety than i ever did before! Is there any proof that Pre Eclampsia OR the magnesium administration can cause long term side effects at all? I keep going to the Doctor with all these symptoms but nothing is showing. I am currently being tested for Celiac and possibly be getting Vitamin B12 injections - I have never been unwell. It is very difficult to explain how different I feel as I was fit and healthy beforehand! I am back at work full time now and its becoming very difficult. Any help appreciated :)

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