Headache and vomiting + highbBP 5 weeks after Hellp

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Re: Headache and vomiting + highbBP 5 weeks after Hellp

Postby tree » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:50 pm

Hi and welcome to the forums. I am sorry that you are still feeling so sick. It is possible to suffer from pre-eclampsia up to six weeks post-partum, so your symptoms could be related to PE. I can't remember hearing of anyone developing HELLP or continuing to have severe HELLP symptoms after that much time. It took a few months for my liver enzymes to come back down to normal levels, and I think that is relatively common. However, I didn't feel sick and wasn't vomiting after the first week or so.
Extremely high blood pressures can certainly cause terrible headaches, which would make me quite nauseous. What does your doctor say? Is there a chance that you have some sort of infection (fever)? I was a bit slow to recover because I had some retained placenta. Has your doctor checked for that? It is not very likely, but it could happen. It is also possible that you caught some sort of illness, but that probably would have showed up in your blood work or other symptoms.
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Headache and vomiting + highbBP 5 weeks after Hellp

Postby Marie012 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 04:37 am

Hi ladies I am new in the group. I lost one child at 20 weeks for unknown reason last year and this year i grave birth at 37+4 to a healthy baby girl. From week 34 I had PE and I experienced Hellp after delivery stage II, now I am still on med for high BP. Last week I had very strong headache,I took painkillers but didn't work. I started then vomiting and went to ER. My BP was round 110 160 they gave me extra meds and it took 3 hours to get down to 90 140, while headache was still there. Blood work showed platelet 185 10^3, Liver enzymes little bit higher then limit and white blood cells 11.6 10^3 (normal limit is 11 10^3). In the hospital they didn't tell me so much.. Can it be still Hellp disorders after 5 weeks after delivery or maybe an infection set up? Are we still at high risk for so long time father delivery or the worst has gone? I feel lost and scared. Many thanks for helping and sharing your experience

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