Proteinuria 815 + high BP at 32 weeks... delivering soon?

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Re: Proteinuria 815 + high BP at 32 weeks... delivering soon

Postby angieb » Mon Jan 21, 2013 08:42 pm

I had protein of 700ish and swelling at 32 weeks, made it to 37, though my bp was mostly normal to the high end of normal.
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Proteinuria 815 + high BP at 32 weeks... delivering soon?

Postby GeorgiaGirl » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:42 pm

Hi, everyone... technically I should be in the pre-e again forum since I had my first baby in February at 29 weeks because of pre-e (he's doing great now, thankfully).

Although I realize this is truly anyone's guess, I'm wondering if anyone in a similar boat held on until 34 weeks or even longer... my 24-hour urine is 815 and my BP's have been up to 150/100, sometimes higher, although they've come down to 130's over 80's while I've been on hospital bed rest. I'm 32 weeks today and so very much want to make it to 34 weeks or at least 33 (in the hopes that I may be able to start breastfeeding and avoid a long NICU stay like we had before). Is there any hope for me or should I realistically expect to have another c-section very soon? My proteinuria never got above the 500's last time so I'm worried....

Forgot to mention: a BPP yesterday was a perfect 8 out of 8, BUT, baby has only grown 3 oz. in 10 days (huge concern, esp. because the head is measuring a little over a week small too). The slowed growth is a big concern. I got a course of betamethasone 2 weeks ago. Trying to decide whether to agree to a second course of steroids. Baby's movement is good and baby doesn't seem to be in distress at this point (unless the slowed growth counts as distress).
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