Newly diagnosed with pre-e

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Re: Newly diagnosed with pre-e

Postby whereowhere » Sun May 19, 2013 09:01 am

Well, I am only going to share with you what I know my doctors have told me. First of all, I am not trying to scare you, rather to make you feel better and help you feel some hope. I am in my second pregnancy after losing twins at 21 weeks last year from severe preeclampsia. In my case, it came on very fast, and I naturally went into labor. My sweethearts could not make it because they were too premature to survive. I, as others here had the worst that could happen from preeclampsia happen. When I was deciding how I could ever try again to have a baby, I consulted with a Maternal Fetal Specialist and with my current doctor. I was given a very high risk of recurrence because I had developed severe preeclampsia so early. They gave me a lot statistics and ultimately a lot of hope for a baby to be able to survive, and even to survive without a lot of severe issues if I were able to get to 28 weeks. They also told me that every extra day the baby is in the womb counts. There is also the situation of how the baby is growing. I would maybe ask for growth scans to make sure the baby does not have Intrauterine Growth Restriction. I am now pregnant again, and I am currently 21 weeks and 3 days. So far my blood pressure has been perfect, and I am monitoring it 3 times a day. I am well aware it could change on a dime. But I celebrate each day my baby is with me. The situation you are in is so not ideal, and I know you want to make it to 34 weeks, and you are probably more scared than you've been in your life. Yet, from my perspective you have hope, and it sounds like your doctors are on top of things. Also the fact that they are having you come in 2x a week shows they are monitoring you a lot. Trust that the doctors will do their very best to take care of you. Mainly the times it is gravely dangerous for the mother is when preeclampsia has not been diagnosed, and it becomes too late to save the mother's life. Your doctors seem to be on top of it, and that is a good thing. Do your part too, and ask them specifically what symptoms to watch for beyond high blood pressure to be certain it doesn't get out of control. If you feel even just terrible, let them know. Don't worry at all about being a whiner, you deserve to be a whiner and to bug them any time of the day or night. Go by your gut feelings, if you feel something isn't right, get checked out. That's what I learned from last time. I was so scared to get pregnant again, but knowing I am aware of symptoms, and the hope I was given that I could get further along and the baby could survive even if I developed it at say, 28 weeks, gave me the courage to try again, and I am trying to keep strong. Like I said, this is not ideal for you in any way, but personally if I were in your shoes, having gone through what I went through, I would be feeling hopeful for me and my baby.
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Newly diagnosed with pre-e

Postby Mommy_moody » Sat May 18, 2013 08:05 pm

Hey all,
I am currently 31+3 weeks pregnant with my first baby, a boy. I started having borderline high BP at around 22 weeks, which was quickly controlled with a low dose of meds. This past week I noticed my BP rising despite the meds and contacted my dr. She had me come in immediately and ran more tests. My blood work came back "stone cold negative" but my urine had elevated protein. She diagnosed me with mild pre eclampsia. I had the 2 rounds of steroid shots for my baby's lungs, and sent home on bedrest. I start going to appts 2x/week. I am really upset, anxious, and scared. I'm scared what can happen to myself if this gets out of control, and especially scared for my baby as 31 weeks seems so early. I'm really hoping we can make it to at least 34 weeks, but at this point it seems so far awy.

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