Pre e symptoms then nothing?

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Re: Pre e symptoms then nothing?

Postby sam10 » Fri May 31, 2013 06:53 pm

I think that remaining cautious is probably best. Some of us can limp along for a while, and symptoms can swing back and forth before remaining bad. PE can also get worse up to 6 weeks postpartum. So, it is probably best to keep an eye on the typical symptoms and see your doctor if anything feels off.
Let us know how it goes.
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Pre e symptoms then nothing?

Postby Soph22 » Fri May 31, 2013 02:20 pm

I'm 36+2 and at the end of my 34th week I went to clinic and had raised bp, something like 167/94, I also had + protein in urine, that morning I had started feeling unwell, waves of nausea, feeling a bit 'wobbly' and generally not right, hot flushes too.
So they admitted me and that day I continued to have similar readings just slightly lower but still above the range they wanted. The gave me 200mg of labetalol. (My pulse was also very fast but I've had tachycardia in my first pregnancy, this is my second and it's more anxiety than anything I think, it's just more sensitive when pregnant) I stayed over night and they gave me 200mg more the next morning as my bp was 162/84 ish. Literally only just on the realms of too high. I had a bad reaction to this about 40 minutes after having the dosage, bp went crazy low, like 50/30 low. I was passing out, on O2 having drips put in etc. very very scary experience, after this I think anxiety set in a bit which didn't help. So they stopped the labetalol and luckily my bp stayed lower, not perfect but in the 140s/80s range. I still had protein in my urine, one sample I'd have it and the next I didn't. On the 4th day thy were about to send me home when I had +++ protein in my urine. Bp was still not great but not classed as severe. So they got me to do another sample and sent it for a ratio test, came back okay, so I went home and have been resting since. I've only had one sample with protein in since and the last few have been clear. Bp has remained ok and has gone back to complete normal in some readings. Bloods have always been fine, just needed a bit of iron. I get headaches but only mild and not constant. No swelling of significance and no major visual problems that I can make out. Since initially feeling unwell on admission to hospital I haven't felt as bad as that once, had a bad cold just recently but nothing else that I couldn't expect this far on.
My question is, am I out of the woods? Or can it all suddenly come back? Can other things cause what I experienced? I just want to relax about it!
Thank you if you read all that its really appreciated :)

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