a little concerned, but MD is not ...

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Re: a little concerned, but MD is not ...

Postby sam10 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 00:46 am

Please ask for a 24-hour urine catch and blood work. With your history and the feeling of agitation (have your refexes been tested), you should expect to be monotored closely. Can you switch your care and be seen by the replacement doc whom you like? Or by the MFM like in your previous pregnancy?
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a little concerned, but MD is not ...

Postby charleno » Thu Jun 20, 2013 09:20 pm

Hi everyone,

I haven't been here in a few years - since my 2nd pregnancy. A quick rundown on my story. I had severe pre-e @ 39 weeks with my 1st child (2010) - diagnosed when I arrived at the hospital in labour. BP 160/110, put on mag sulfate, acute renal failure, elevated liver enzymes, severe edema. Baby had no issues. Discharged 2 days after birth with BP's around 150/100. Re-admitted 2 days later x 24h with BP's in the 170/105 range. Discharged on labitelol (sp??) - no improvement, then lasix was started for a 4-5 days, lost 15 lbs in this time frame. In hindsight, swelling in feet started around 34 weeks, but was brushed off by MD as normal pregnancy swelling. BP at MD day before delivery was 145/90 - first elevated BP that I noticed. MD did not express concern over this BP and therefore I assumed it was fine. At my post partum appointment, MD stated I had protein in my urine for quite some time - but I was unaware and no further investigations were done.

Fast forward - 2nd baby (2011), no issues overall. Born @ 38 weeks, healthy boy. BP up to 150/100 a few days later, but settled out. Followed by MFM for this pregnancy.

Now I'm 32 weeks pregnant for #3. Back to regular OB this time around (different one than first pregnancy), but clinic is physically linked to the MFM clinic. My OB has been on maternity leave for the entire pregnancy, until my visit yesterday, when I met her. All other visits completed by replacement OB (who I really liked and seemed to be on the cautious side). Put off work at 25 weeks due to slightly increased BP (135/85) with baseline being 110/70. Also, around the 25 week point - I started having a lot of agitation and itching. Bloodwork was done at this point and everything came back fine. BP's have been relatively stable until this past week - creeping up. BP @ MD appointment yesterday 138/98 and recheck was 126/90. Trace protein in urine, for the first time. First time meeting this new OB - she stated she was not concerned, sent me home and will see me in 2 weeks time. Agitation has been ongoing, and getting worse in the past week. BP's are higher when I'm agitated - but it's difficult to say if the agitation is causing the higher BP's or vice versa. I had this same agitation with my first pregnancy ... and none at all with my second. It's a red flag for me, but I was told it was anxiety with my first. I don't feel anxious about anything other than getting pre-e again and don't consider myself an overly anxious person in general. I would describe the agitation as not being able to sit still, wanting to pace, can't read, can't watch TV, no attention span ... very annoying.

I am concerned. I'm only 32 weeks and those increasing BP's scare me ... especially with protein starting to show up. Should I be concerned, or am I just paranoid? Do you think a 2 week wait to see the MD again reasonable? Do you think she should have done any further testing?

Just looking for some opinions ... :)


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