Preeclampsia - to many precauntions?

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Preeclampsia - to many precauntions?

Postby jccampot » Thu Feb 13, 2014 03:05 pm

Hi, I want to know your opinions.

My wife is pregnant in she’s 36 +4 weeks. While she was 34 in one of the medical appointments she had BP of 150/9. Since then she started controlling she’s BP daily. Since then the BP moved from 12/7 to 14/9 but usually it was around 13/8. The also had urine test weekly and had not any protein. Last Sunday night we took she’s BP and was 13/10 (she was a bit nervous for something nothing to do with the pregnancy), and we went to emergency. There his BP didn’t go down so she stayed hospitalized to do more checks. On his 24hs urine tests she got 0.41mg of protein.
Now it is Thursday and she is still hospitalized because the doctors want to evaluate her every day and the baby. This morning urine test showed 0.27. Tomorrow she is doing another 24hs urine test to see how it developed. In the hospital she’s BP is the same as it was at home (between 12/7 – 14/9). She is tired of being hospitalized and what to go home but the doctors don’t let her.
Do you think we are having too many precautions? In this case should the baby be induced to born when she is 38 weeks?

(sorry for my English as you can see I am not a native speaking, greetings from Uruguay)

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