Feel Like I'm on a Roller Coaster

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Re: Feel Like I'm on a Roller Coaster

Postby sparkedjenn » Thu Mar 06, 2014 06:20 pm

Thanks for all the support! My husband keeps teasing me that pneumonia is the cure for pre e since my bp was great for almost a week. But now Im feeling better, and my bp is back up. Had to make a trip to the OB today for a 156\108. It was down by the time they got around to seeing me, but the oncall OB has me coming into see my regular doctor in the morning instead of waiting for my afternoon appointment. I feel like I am constantly calling or going in to be seen! Better safe than sorry, but it is getting kind of exhausting. Only two more weeks until induction time. Maybe she will schedule a date with me tomorrow. Oh, how I would love to only have to go in for scheduled appointments until then. But I guess I have to get through tomorrow first. Hoping for great lab results!

I was going to try to keep working until Wednesday of next week, but I'm SO done after tomorrow. I work as a manager at a fairly large company, and there's just no way to spread the word to everyone that they need to stop sending me more things to add to my plate. Until there is a message in my status and email that Jennifer has checked out, they are going to keep sending stuff my way. Stupid questions must account for about 25% of my problem!

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