Birthing Class out of touch with PE?

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Re: Birthing Class out of touch with PE?

Postby MomTimesThree » Wed May 14, 2014 06:53 pm

I'm sure there are really good classes, and folks with good experiences.

I never took a class with my first pregnancy because I was on bedrest the week it was scheduled to start, so with my second I wanted to take a class... because isn't that what pregnant people do? I wound up only making it to one class because then I was hospitalized... but that one class I rolled my eyes A LOT. It was for typical pregnant ladies... of which I was not! :)

Perhaps reading a book would be a better fit- or having personal classes or meetings with someone who can tailor to your needs.

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Birthing Class out of touch with PE?

Postby dosorrow » Wed May 14, 2014 03:58 pm

Has anyone else had a not quite good experience going to a birthing class. I'm on my second pregnancy with PE and my husband asked me whether I wanted to go to another class. I honestly don't want to go because I felt very alienated the first time around. We already had PE at 32 weeks so we knew I would be induced and put on meds and an epidural. The teacher's speech on PE was all of 5 min in passing and she focused mostly on how natural birth was the best way to go. I WILL say she would always add "Not that I'm showing a preference or anything" But we were sooo uncomfortable with her comments we didn't even bring up my PE. She seemed to keep pushing her doula services and I just felt that I couldn't really relate to most of the class since it was all focused on how to avoid drugs and she would just add "Unless of course you have complications I suppose". I have to add my doctor was extremely annoyed when I told her since this was a hospital class that should have not had a bias. She felt it really causes more problems to high risk patients that need extra medical attention since she had seen women resist medication based on what the birthing class had told them. Has anyone else felt out of place? Or has had a GOOD class expereince?
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