New Talent Management Program

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New Talent Management Program

Postby eleni » Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:44 pm

We have relied on volunteers for years to do many of the obvious and not-so-obvious jobs associated with fulfilling our mission. At this time, the Preeclampsia Foundation is excited to share its new Talent Management Program, as well as several new positions and new volunteers. You may not even realize how many of your fellow survivors and their families are participating in the programs and services of the Preeclampsia Foundation.

"Paul Revere made his living as a silversmith.
But he’s remembered for what he did as a volunteer."

The term most people are familiar with is “volunteer,” but at the Preeclampsia Foundation, our volunteers are so essential to so much of our mission that we think of them as unpaid staff. They come from various professional backgrounds, from across the country, even across the world. Their talents and skills are as varied as our needs. Some have been personally touched by preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome or one of the other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, but others may be called to make a meaningful contribution because they care about mothers and babies and would like to make a real difference in their lives.

To reach our fullest potential as an organization, we are launching a Talent Management Program, a symbolically important way of saying “volunteer management program.”

While on the surface this may just appear to be a lot of forms and information, more importantly, it is a reflection of our recent growth and professionalism. It is intended to protect and guide you, the volunteer, so that your service to the Foundation is as fulfilling as possible, as well as to hold us as an organization to the highest standards expected of a professionally run nonprofit organization.

What’s New?
Volunteer Applications — all current and future volunteers will need to complete a volunteer application that is available online.

Code of Conduct – any volunteer who serves in a public capacity or deals with sensitive information will need to sign a code of conduct.

Handbook – the Handbook explains all the policies, procedures and guidelines associated with volunteering for the Foundation, as well as other helpful information about the Foundation and its staff.

Orientation & Training – free quarterly webinars will offer training in two categories: basic information about preeclampsia and about the Foundation. The training is available to all, but will be required of certain positions. Specialized training opportunities are being developed for certain departments.

Job Descriptions – every volunteer position has (or will have) a job description to orient and guide the volunteer and her/his supervisor.

Please join me in thanking the following volunteers for their dedicated leadership and contributions to the growth of the Preeclampsia Foundation. They may all be contacted at their email address which is their

Volunteer Development Director, Kara Boeldt
TMP Database Manager, Bonnie Rosenbloom
Director of Local Fundraising, Dawn Detweiler
Director of Patient Services, Fiona Morrow
Community Forum Administrator, Sara Bulkley
Stories Coordinator, Julie Feller
Walk Director, Becky Sloan
National Walk Team, Jamie Schmidt, Denise Lang, Kara Boeldt
Brochure Campaign Coordinator, Angie Grospitch
Newsletter Managing Editor, Kim Timer
Newsletter Layout & Copy Editor, Jenn Carney
Saving Grace 2010 Chairperson, Bonnie Rosenbloom

Many, many other volunteers give selflessly of their time and talents as moderators, fundraisers, community builders, legal advisors, walk coordinators, research advisors, distributors of patient information materials, and much more.

What about you? Are you interested in volunteering in a new capacity or getting involved for the first time?

Complete an application here, and read the other materials here . We welcome your time and talents to the Preeclampsia Foundation!

~ Eleni Tsigas

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