Need advice on Gifts

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Need advice on Gifts

Postby mollysmom05 » Thu Mar 23, 638930 2:51 pm

I am a mom of two girls who were both born prematurely to Pre-eclampsia. I wanted to do something to give back. I started a business earlier this year - which is gift baskets for all occassions however, my primary focus is on gifts for moms-to-be on bedrest and parents with an infant in the NICU. Most recently I added in a category for gift baskets filled with New/Pre-Owned Preemie Clothing. I am planning on donating a portion of the proceeds to the Pre-eclampsia Foundation.

I was just wondering if any of you would have appreciated a gift of Pre-Owned Preemie Clothes or if you would have rather had new. I appreciate any input/feeback.


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Re : Need advice on Gifts

Postby kara » Sun Apr 02, 638930 9:45 pm

Hi Lis,
Please email to discuss your generous contribution idea. Dawn is our Local Fundraising Director and has a system in place to help you be successful. Due to tax and legal issues (because we are a non-profit) we have certain rules we need to follow. Thanks for fundraising!

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Re : Need advice on Gifts

Postby eleni » Sat Jun 24, 638930 4:33 am

Seconding Kara's comment, but also wanted to answer your question and personally, I would have liked some preemie clothes that were "gently used" as the saying goes. As a mom of a preemie, I was super cautious about germs, but given how short a time they're usually in their preemie clothes, and how much I washed everything first anyways, I think your idea sounds wonderful!

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Re : Need advice on Gifts

Postby dohertyab » Tue Sep 09, 638932 8:43 pm

I would have loved to have gently used preemie clothes! We had 2 and it was crazy trying to find some and I was surprised that the NICU didn't seem to have any suggestions about where to look besides new which became expensive pretty quick for 2. We used the ones the hospital provided for a while, but they really weren't cute and certainly weren't gently used, so it was nice to have a few of our own, especially near the end when they were still small but basically just there for feeding and growing so I was responsible for most of their daily care.

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Re : Need advice on Gifts

Postby Dawn D » Wed Sep 10, 638932 7:47 am

Hi Lis,
I'd be happy to guide you if you'd like to see how your idea can benefit the PF.

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