Gates Fdtn anncs $1.5B investment in mom & babies

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Re : Gates Fdtn anncs $1.5B investment in mom & babies

Postby caryn » Sat Jun 12, 2010 05:06 pm

Video of the Gates announcement here.

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Gates Fdtn anncs $1.5B investment in mom & babies

Postby eleni » Tue Jun 08, 2010 00:26 am

So I had lunch today with Melinda Gates - ok, me and about 1,000 other people - at the Women Deliver conference when she announced the new $1.5 billion committed by the Gates Foundation to maternal and newborn health issues. Preeclampsia is a small $5M part of that, but a welcome addition to the Gates portfolio regardless.

Christy Turlington Burns screened her new film "No Woman No Cry" and it was compelling, to say the least. I wished that she'd pointed out preeclampsia more specifically since it is the #2 cause of worldwide maternal mortality behind hemorrhage, but she did a great job pulling you into the reality of motherhood in various settings. I'm excited that another member of the professional film directors panel from today's conference, Lisa Russell, will be working with the Preeclampsia Foundation to produce a short documentary on the global impact of PE, to be debuted at Saving Grace in Seattle.

I participated in the only panel dedicated to preeclampsia at this 3-day conference (hmm, what's wrong with that picture) as one of 4 presenters discussing interventions we can do today to reduce mortality. My focus was on "patient (and her family) as first responder" and the need to look at the continuum of symptoms, not just waiting for seizures to administer MgS04, a common practice in low resource countries.

That's it for now, live from Washington, DC.

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