The Zoo Boo hoo hoo from Sue

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Re : The Zoo Boo hoo hoo from Sue

Postby kristen8843 » Mon Oct 31, 2005 08:49 am

Well, we arrived at the zoo after a three hour drive at 1:40 p.m., and sat on/near the benches at the front gate until 2:15. After holding an excited three year old outside the zoo, while all the other kids go in, for 35 minutes was long enough. At 15 after, having no way to contact you, I decided you must've decided not to come, and we went on in. We didn't leave the zoo until about 5:45, and we watched for a pumpkin and Mother Nature all day...with no luck.

It was quite disappointing that the first meet-and-greet for the state only turned out two families who weren't even able to connect.

All in all, we had beautiful weather and Taylor really enjoyed going backwards on the carousel. I think that was her favorite part.

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The Zoo Boo hoo hoo from Sue

Postby timelessbeauty » Sun Oct 30, 2005 08:39 pm

Oh, my day didn't start out on the right foot and went bad from there. I woke up this morning a little later than I had planned even though I was up at 8:00am. I cut my husband's hair, made breakfast, finished sewing on the flowers to my daughters Mother Nature costume and things were humming along. My brother dropped my niece off so she could go with us. We packed up the car, I couldn't find my sunglasses but we went along anyway, stopping at Walmart for some last minute supplies. We get delayed in traffic and I'm ticking off the minutes in my head going AHHHHH at each tock!

We arrive at the Zoo 10 minutes after 2:00pm and try to find a parking spot. My younger daughter hasn't had a nap all day except for the 20-25 minutes in the car on the way to the zoo. We get out of the car and my nearly 2 yr old starts to cry that she doesn't want to wear her Tiger costume. Then she starts to scream and cry about having to go in the stroller to go up to the gates. We gather our things, put them in the empty stroller and head for the gates. We end up waiting in a line for awhile, (yes it's been awhile since I've actually been to the zoo)and find out I was waiting in the Members Only line when we needed to scoot over to General Admission. Have the coupons in hand, cannot find my credit card in my purse to purchase them, so right at hubby is pulling his out, I find mine. AHHHH another moment of panic.

We purchase our tickets and step inside, realizing time has gotten the better of me, it's now 2:15pm. I think think think, how will they recognize me? I posted on the forum my eldest would be Mother Nature, I'd have a pumpkin boy costume for my son (which is a sleep and play outfit) and then my younger daughter would be a tiger (granted not in costume due to fit). So I quickly search for a pen in my purse to scrawl out on the back of my map to the zoo and my hubby tucks it into the zipper pocket of our snuggly so it can be read as I walk around. I leave him with a map saying the same thing just inside the gates and I walk around to the front of the gates looking to see if anyone is waiting to come inside yet that would be meeting me. AHHHHHHH I do not get anyone to talk to me, but many are now reading my child's hiney! LOL ..

Alas, I walk back through the gates and go back to standing near the dolphin sculptures just inside the general admission gates. I wait there until just after 3:00pm figuring I've either missed everyone or maybe something has come up where no one but us could be there. But I did continue to wear my sign "" on my son's snuggly hoping someone might see and come approach us.

Well, we ended up leaving the zoo at 6:00pm as we were starting to get a bit cooled off from the temps. On the way home, my 18 yr old Buick decides to say it still has gas in the tank but runs out of gas and we had to pull over. It takes my poor husband (you know, with his knee pain?) 30 minutes to walk up and back to the nearest gas station to fill our tank with enough to get us back to the station to really fill up. Imagine two such tired little ones crying and alternately sleeping in the back seat while two older kids endure in the front. AHHHHH ...

SO here I am trying to help my daughter get her homework done, get some dinner in our systems and get to bed, I'm beat!

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