regular hard exercise associated with reduced risk

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regular hard exercise associated with reduced risk

Postby caryn » Mon Nov 21, 2005 01:25 pm ... query_hl=2

RESULTS:: Participants who reported feeling very strenuous to maximal exertion during usual prepregnancy physical activity were 78% less likely to have developed preeclampsia than those who reported negligible or minimal exertion (adjusted odds ratio 0.22, 95% confidence interval 0.11-0.44). A significant trend was noted of decreased preeclampsia risk with increased perceived exertion (P < 0.001). This association was independent of prepregnancy adiposity, and was also apparent among the subset of participants who did not meet physical activity guidelines in the year before pregnancy. CONCLUSIONS:: In this study, relative intensity of recreational physical activity performed during the year before pregnancy was associated with a decreased risk of preeclampsia.

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