How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

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How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby kim » Thu Feb 28, 636718 10:50 am

The number of women with both Pre/e-Hellp, and hyperemesis is astonishing to me. There has to be SOME connection, seeing as how less than 1% of women have hyperemesis. It completely SUCKS that we puke our guts up (I did the ENTIRE pg), and then we get this life-threatening disease. I almost wonder if hyperemesis is some sort of precursor to p/e.... Reply and let me know who all has had both so I can keep a count..
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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby joanne » Thu Feb 28, 636718 5:17 pm


It cant be the only factor as I sailed through my first pregnancy until developing severe PE at 28 weeks.

This time has been the opposite so we are hoping for no PE!


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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby laura » Sat Mar 09, 636718 5:28 pm

Yup, me too. Both times. (and the scary part is that the thing I fear most about another pregnancy is the hyperemesis!!!)

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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby angelical » Sun Mar 10, 636718 9:43 am

Count me in! Hypermesis from Christmas til April. Preeclampsia/HELLP became critical at the end of April. Delivered May 2.

"We spend months feeling like we are gonna die...then we almost do." [xx(]

(Laura, the hypermesis is a BIG reason I don't ever want to be pregnant again. I don't think I could be that sick, work fulltime, AND take care of Aaron. ugh)


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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby rachel » Sun Mar 10, 636718 12:40 pm

Count me in! I was sick all 7 months. Even threw up the week she was born. The severity lessened somewhat the last couple of months, but, it was awful. I remember thinking that had to be the worst part of pregnancy. At least there is a definite "end" to labor. The m/s just went on & on!


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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby deerhart » Sun Mar 10, 636718 8:33 pm

Nope, I had very little morning sickness, but I can't handle vitamins.

On the other hand, my mother spent a vast majority of her pregnancy with me sick.


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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby shimmer » Mon Mar 11, 636718 12:23 am

I was borderline Hypermesis... my Old OB refused to say I was. I threw up daily (multiple times) and could barely keep water down most days... until 19wks. I went into Ketosis a couple of times due to being unable to keep food down, and lost 10+ lbs in the first Trimester.

I even missed Valentine's Day dinner out because I could not stop puking even with the meds.

But I also do not have Pre-E so far, just PIH.

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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby catherine » Mon Mar 11, 636718 2:41 am

I'm with Erin, my mother puked her guts up with me on a regular basis, the thinnest she's every been was the morning she gave birth to me.. full term, almost 6 lbs. I have only ever felt nauseated with my pregnancies and only rarely threw up. Maybe I split it with mom, she did the hyperemesis and I did the pre-eclampsia. My sister sails through pregnancies, full term, and deliveries (2-3 hours of labor and a couple of pushes, no epidural) and she's the sickliest one of the lot of us!! No justice.

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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby deerhart » Mon Mar 11, 636718 5:33 am

On the other hand, while I had very little sickness, I should note that I lost 20+ lbs in the first 5 montsh with my first pregnancy and about 17lbs in the 1st 5 months in my second pregnancy. I didn't gain hardly any of the weight back until I started having BP problems in both as well.

So the only thing I would have in common is the weight loss.

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Re : How Many Hyperemesis Moms?

Postby twlightdreams » Mon Mar 11, 636718 7:48 am

I had hyperemisis (started being sick 9 days past ovulation), until the week I delivered my girls at 28 weeks. Once I got the hickman feeding tube put in and got on TPN at home, at 17 weeks, I did begin to improve, but still threw up countless times a day until after I delivered. It was only 2 weeks time between getting the hickman put in, and the beginnings of PE starting. I literally did not eat from December-June, and that is no joke. And after I went home from delivering, I really ate like I hadnt eaten in 6 months [:0]

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