2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby cheleandcallidora » Sun May 25, 638606 6:08 am

I continued to have bp readings as high as yours for over 6 months after delivery. I was never given any meds. for it due to poor health care, but they eventually lowered. My liver function levels were off for just as long, and my liver was inflamed. It seams like once those went back to normal my BP wasn't far behind.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby luludavis » Wed May 14, 638606 11:22 am

My BPs were sky high until about 12 days PP. I was on Labetalol 200/2xs/day. It didn't seem to do anything when I started taking it in the hosp a week before I had to be delivered at 30 weeks. And it wasn't doing anyting post partum, either. Postpartum my numbers were still in the low 200/120 range (the weird thing is, depsite huge protein spillage-14000 mg the morning of my c sec, i had no symptoms of pre-e other than the protein and high bps. Oh, i also had MAJOR swelling in my face and hands. Within two week spostpartum i had lost 23 pounds--most of that fluid, it seems now.)

Anyway, post partum I was freaking out over my readings and my DH called the OB and the cardiologist who both said that they would prob come down in time and not to worry- now that the baby is out i wouldn't have a seizure or anyting even with such high readings. just take it easy. At my 2 week check up my BP reading was good--not normal , but not crazy high, even after walking across the parking lot. My blood work showed mildly elevated liver enzymes, but the OB said that since before the baby was born I never had any problems with my bloodwork, this must be residual and this test result probably caught the enzymes getting better, rather than catching them on the way up (in other words, he was sure i was not developing postpartum pree)

My numbers have continued to get better over the past ten weeks. My BP readings were normal even when i started halving the dose. Now that I stopped it this weekend all together my numbers are decent (116/88)even after physical activity.

It seems like you are one of those of us who needs more time for things to normalize. it is really rough having this on top of dealing with the NICU and general recovery from the birth. Hang in there, you will get better. Just take it one week at a time--if you look at things from week to week rather than day to day, you are sure to see some encouraging changes.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby bb0708 » Mon Jun 13, 638603 3:35 am

labeolol is really a mild bp med. for me it didn't work until I was on it 300mg three times a day and they added hctz diuretic which also lowers bp. By 2-3 weeks out I was weaning off an off completely by one month, but it is worrisome. I am sure worry over your son and his health makes it much harder. Sending hugs your way.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby jgrumet » Thu Jun 02, 638603 5:14 pm

I'm a big fan of procardia. I honestly think labetalol raised my pressures or didn't work at all! When my OB started weaning me off the labetalol my pressures actually dropped. It was the procardia that was the tough one to finally get off of.

If you don't have swelling the diuretic may not do anything for your pressures. Are they a steady 160/120 or are they labile? Mine were jumping all over the place. If they are steady maybe you should see an internist or cariologist (if you're not already) to up your dosage or switch to something else.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby trish » Thu Jun 02, 638603 11:52 am

I have been out of town so just saw your post today. I am so sorry you are having BP issues still!! I had pressures like that for months PP - nearly a year actually. Like Sabrina, my pressures were worse PP than they were pregnant.

But I sucessfully BF for 11 months until I exhausted all the BP meds I could be on and still BF & had to stop BFing to go on different ones. There are lots of meds you can take and still BF I promise - I think I've tried them all!! My cardiologist kept trying different combos & doses to see what *might* work. If I hadn't had allergic reactions to labetalol (beta blockers) & lysinopril (ace inhibitors) I would still have other options.

Hang in there! Stress & anxiety over my BP numbers only made my BP higher so that may be part of the problem for you as well. Added to the stress of NICU it's no wonder your BP is high. (((HUGS))

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby missgamecock » Sun May 22, 638603 12:47 pm

Molly I am still running high. As of today 156/108 and that is with me on the couch most of the time!!!!! You are not the only one with whacked pressures. They were not this high while pregnant and makes me glad they took her before they seriously got whacked. It just takes time. Be good to yourself.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby molly419 » Sat May 21, 638603 8:09 pm

Thanks for the reply's. I have been so overwhelmed with the NICU, that my BP issues has been the cherry on top of my stress. Last week I started crying when the nurse told me that I was still 160/120. I thought for sure that I was the *only* one to be blessed with these pressures after the birth. With Abigail, I was off BP medication a week after. It is nice to read that I am not the only one that has to deal with such whacked pressures.

I have been put on a diuretic, but I am not noticing any swelling. I am seeing my PCP once a week till my pressures come down. I am going to ask him if I can be put back on Procardia, as that medication worked wonders for my BP when I was pregnant.

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby laura » Fri May 20, 638603 12:10 pm

Was going to ask what Caryn did- how is your swelling?

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby jgrumet » Fri May 20, 638603 1:10 am

I forgot about the tingly scalp from labetalol! It scared me so much I thought I was having a stroke!

adgirl, that makes me feel better that your recovery was shorter the second time around! It's nice to know that can happen!

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Re : 2 Weeks after Birth--BP still High

Postby adgirl » Tue May 10, 638603 7:05 pm

It took me 16 weeks with my first to come off the BP meds, and 6 after my 2nd. I didn't take BP meds before or during either pregnancy, just post partum. I'm one of those weird cases that the delivery actually makes my blood pressure worse!

Just try to rest and be in contact with your Dr. if you have any symptoms of preeclampsia (headaches etc.) - Post partum PE is a risk up to the 6 week mark.

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