Nipples/bottles for preemies

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Re : Nipples/bottles for preemies

Postby deerhart » Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:03 am

hmm we used the nipples from the hospitals put into regular old straight bottles for Mason when he was born (or the real little 4oz bottles). When he got bigger we switched between the Avent bottles and regualr old straight bottles.

We did find that neither of my kids liked the platex bottles. it seemed the nipples were way way to short for them. We also found that neither child liked the yellow nipples, but preferred the clear slightly harder ones.

Finally, we always had to make the holes bigger in whatever nipples we had (except the large avent ones) because even the fastest flow wasn't enough for either child.

Mason loved the avent bottles, and their super soft sippy nipple made the transition from bottle to reg sippy cup a breeze and since it was still no spill we were able to start using it when he could sit up on his own.

We didnt' have to worry about either child ever getting air in his bottle because it was full to empty bottle in .3 seconds for both of them. They barely had time to breathe let alone
get air in their tummy.

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Re : Nipples/bottles for preemies

Postby laura » Thu Jul 22, 2004 10:57 am

Amanda, we used the Playtex ventaire for both of our girls (35 and 36 weeks respectively) and though the ventaire is not as great as it was the first time we used it 6 yrs ago, it is still the one we stick with because it's sooo good for not getting air in the tummy.

It has the little holes in the bottom for air to get out and all of the pieces come apart for cleaning. Neither of my girls had a problem with the nipples being too big, either. Hope you find what works best for Maija!!

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Nipples/bottles for preemies

Postby amandab » Thu Jul 22, 2004 09:53 am

I'm curious which nipples and bottles have worked for those of you with preemies. Maija started daycare last week, and her sitter is complaining that the bottle nipples we provided are just too big for her mouth. We currently use the silicone Natural Latch Playtex nurser system. She recommended we try Dr. Brown (the slim one, not the contoured one). We did, and that nipple did seem to work better for Maija. But I have to be brutally honest... I really do not like those bottles at all. The nipple is great, but I can't stand that straw contraption. I am totally willing to do whatever is best for Maija, and if these Dr. Brown bottles are best, I will use them.

But I would love to hear what the rest of you have had success with!!

Also if anyone loves the Dr. Brown system, let me know. My problems with it are: 1) I don't trust that the straw contraption is getting clean when I wash it. 2) The extra piece is just a hassle. 3) A good friend that I trust completely told me that they leak like crazy when transported. 4) They are expensive.


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