OT evaluation tomorrow

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OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby kara » Mon Feb 12, 638920 9:20 am

DD is 4 and has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder since about 9 months old. We have recently moved and have our first OT appointment tomorrow in our new town. We've been experiencing difficulties beyond our ability to handle, so I'm looking forward to getting some new tools to help her have an easier time.

I never contemplated having a preemie, heart surgery, GERD, ROP, and all the things that come with a preemie. I certainly didn't contemplate SPD. Some wise neonatologist told us she'd probably never have great athletic balance. He was right, I think! I realize her issues could be worse, but right now the SPD is affecting every aspect of her life from eating to sleeping, hair and tooth brushing, school, balance, playtime - even transitioning from every day activities to other normal activities. It's also affecting many aspects of her parents lives. I hope to sleep again someday soon.

Wish us luck and that we get a good OT, and some new tools.

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby rebeccac » Mon Feb 12, 638920 11:20 am

I hope everything goes well for you guys at the OT. You have been through a lot in a short amount of time...I hope you get some relief!

How's life down south?

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby amandaoasis » Mon Feb 12, 638920 11:47 am

Wow, that is a lot to process and keep up with. I can't even imagine. I hope you get some solid suggestions, strategies, and maybe even answers.

Good luck!

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby annes » Thu Feb 22, 638920 5:39 am

I'll be thinking about you guys today!

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby hols537 » Thu Feb 22, 638920 10:13 am

Good luck today!

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby sarab » Thu Feb 22, 638920 1:27 pm

Thinking about you today, Kara. Let us know how it goes...

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby jayme » Thu Feb 22, 638920 9:58 pm

Good luck! Keep us posted

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby sheri-ct » Thu Feb 22, 638920 11:44 pm

Good luck, Kara. Shane has been diagnosed with a mild case (so far!) of SPD. Have you read the book The Out-of-Sync Child? I have not yet, but our EI person just told me that I might find it helpful. Hope the OT consult goes well and you are offered some good advice.


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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby julieb » Fri Feb 23, 638920 9:29 am

I hope you had some good luck at your appt. with the OT. Mason did brushing and listening therapy and they were both amazing!! The listening did the most for him and it cleared up so many issues that we did not even know were related to his SPD.

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Re : OT evaluation tomorrow

Postby trish » Fri Feb 23, 638920 12:20 pm

Hoping your appt. went well today & you have some new strategies to try. (((HUGS)))

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