First apt w/ my new Dr.

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julie f
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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby julie f » Wed Feb 25, 2004 06:48 pm


16 weeks?!?!?! It seems like I just read your pg announcement yesterday! How exciting about the level 2 coming up, I can't wait to hear the details!

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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby paljane8 » Wed Feb 25, 2004 05:29 pm

You are brave, Catherine! But, we love Chelseys. I am glad you are feeling a little better. And agian, are you going to peek?

Suz-let us know after you peek.

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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby akemt » Wed Feb 25, 2004 02:18 pm

Thanks everyone!

Sorry, typo on Nutritionist...LOL

Suz, yah I was born with the murmur. It never really worried the doctors much, they just give me antibiotics every time I have anything done orally (dentist, etc) or surgeries that might make me more suseptible to picking up bacteria. I've been told it shows up more when sick or pregnant and that is why the doctor thinks I should have the echo done durring pg, because it will be more obvious as to which type of murmur it requiring or not requiring the antibiotics. I'm up for it, but don't know when it would be done.

Gloria, the book is "Chesley's Hypertensive Disorders In Pregnancy", Second Edition. It is the medical text book about pre-e and all our fun stuff. I admitted that I started with the placental perfusion chapter since I had had Oligo, but couldn't get through it all! TONS of medical jargon I didn't understand! LOL I then started from the beginning and am doing much better understanding the general stuff about pre-e. Though I'm not sure how you come up with a mean arterial pressure? LOL It's nice to have something concrete to back up my info.

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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby sweetiesuzy » Wed Feb 25, 2004 06:09 am

SO glad it went well!! It takes some worry out of the entire things doesn't it?!
It sounds like you may have a different issue than just a heart murmur that you can develop during some point in pregnancy. My Ob had told me that women can develop them and then they go away. I had not heard of that before, but it must have something to do with the process of pregnancy and the changes your body goes through. But, it seems you have had something occuring for a long while. Let me know how the echocardiogram goes.
So exciing about your u/s! I hope that you can see what gender your baby is - if you are finding out! We will be having our u/s in the next few weeks and I hope to get an open leg shot!
Take care [:)]

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sherry fisher
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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby sherry fisher » Wed Feb 25, 2004 01:42 am

I too have not gained any weight at 31 weeks. As a matter of fact, I am still down 2lbs. My OB said that was great up until a month ago. Then she made a comment "We still have not gotten you to gain anything?" But nothing more. I suspect here in the last month or so I will start making up for lost time! UGHHH!

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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby deerhart » Tue Feb 24, 2004 08:42 pm

Hehe, I basically didn't gain any weight in either pregnancy until PIH/PE really started setting in. I lost almost 20lbs in the first 5 months with both kids.


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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby josiah1112 » Tue Feb 24, 2004 05:52 pm


I am glad your appt. went well. Having a good doctor makes
all of the difference in the world. I also hope your up-
coming ultasound goes well. I was curious about the
book? that you mentioned you are reading. What is it about?
or did I not "get" what you were talking about?
I think the name was Chesley's?

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Re : First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby sonja » Tue Feb 24, 2004 04:54 pm

Maybe just some highlighted sections ( you don't want to overwhelm him all at once). I didn't gain any weight through 16 weeks, but have been gaining steadly since then! (stress makes me eat). I am glad that you are more comfortable with this OB - it makes a difference.


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First apt w/ my new Dr.

Postby akemt » Tue Feb 24, 2004 02:39 pm

It went well! She actually told me she disagreed with some of the things her partner said. And, she remembered me from my ER days which I didn't expect since it was a while ago. Her answers to my questions were good but vague, of course. She also agreed with me that I would be more likely on the chronic/underlying htn side of things with my family history and the PIH that never ammounted to anything after so long.

Anyone have a heart murmur out of curiousity? She thinks I should get an echocardiogram to see what kind of murmur it is since I've been on meds every time I go to the dentist, etc since I was little and it's never actually been checked.

Oh, and instead of getting another "don't gain weight" lecture like the other dr was giving me even though I'd lost, this doctor was concerned about it and said that if I continue to lose at my next apt they will make me come every 2 weeks for a weight check and see a A bit of a threat, but all in good humor. I think my m/s is getting slowly better. I seem to be able to eat more of a variety of foods now, though still nauseated and without much of an appetite.

I get my level 2 u/s in about 2 weeks. I have the orders I just have to call and set up my apt. YIPEE! I hit the 16 week mark tomorrow! Just thought I'd give you all my little update. And she was a bit shocked that I am slowly reading through CHesley's! LOL I should offer to lend it to the other dr! LOL [}:)]

Have a great day ladies!

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