Pre-Eclampsia worries?? Help, New here

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : Pre-Eclampsia worries?? Help, New here

Postby season » Fri Nov 21, 2003 12:04 am


It's good that your looking for answers. My advice: if your concerned call the doctor and ask questions. Ask about the sudden bp rise, ask about the protien in the urine. Your doctor works for you, so don't feel bad about calling.

To answer your question about induction, usually if they decide to do it due to pre-ecalmpsia it's that day. If they induction is for some other reason it may not be so immediate. Considering your dialation etc, induction may not take a lot.

I hope very soon your little one will be safely in your arms.

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Re : Pre-Eclampsia worries?? Help, New here

Postby catherine » Fri Nov 21, 2003 10:09 am

Hi Beth, welcome to the forum. You do seem to have some funky symptoms and protein in your urine is nothing to welcome. To meet the diagnosis you need to reach 140/90 in two bp readings several hours apart and have protein. I know that yours hasn't gone that high but it is elevated for you. Preeclampsia shows up most commonly at term so you are right in the range. At this point you could probably be safely induced at any moment and deliver (practically on the spot if you are 3 cm dilated and 100% effaced!!!). How often are you seeing the Dr? Weekly? Or more often? The 24 h urine test is to get a quantitative measure of the amount of protein in your urine rather than go from the dipstick which grades as 0, Trace or 1+ up to 4-5+ which would be a lot! It doesn't hurt to be cautious so I would follow Buffy's advice, check your BP, watch the swelling (it's associated with preeclampsia but not exactly considered diagnostic because being pregnant can make you blow up like a balloon [xx(]), be very alert for headaches that don't go away, flashing lights or other visual disturbances or abdominal pain. Phone the Drs office and ask to speak to him or his nurse about your symptoms and explain that you are concerned. Blame the internet... I'm sure it makes them crazy but it won't kill them to try and answer your concerns. You are the advocate for your baby and your own health too.

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Re : Pre-Eclampsia worries?? Help, New here

Postby buffy » Fri Nov 21, 2003 09:37 am

Hi Beth and welcome!
If I have learned anything from any of the women here and even the specialists it's not to ask it to TELL. How far along are you? I didn't see that but in most cases it seems they don't get PE until the very end or if it comes sooner it is all of a sudden. In your case I think that you should definately ask what the actuall results were of your last few tests and then ask them to explain it to you. I had to demand to know what all the info was about me. You must demand these things, alot of doctors don't want to get you all worried, mine was the same way, but I need and want to know what is going on with my body and baby. Your BP isn't so high as to be so overly concerned about it but since you rnormal is pretty low you should definately keep track of it, possibly two to three times a day. Now the swellong, well that's a different story, I have had edema since week 27, they have had me put my feet up ever since, and it is important to lay in your left side for atleast three times a day for 20 minutes each to allow proper blood flow, but another thing you should do is drink a whole bunch. No joke, the more you drink the more toxins can be flushed, although you definately get tired of the bathroom. There are other things to look for too. You should go to the symptoms page her and check them out. One other bit of advice: write all of your concerns down and bring them as ammunition when you go to the Dr. This may sound funny but I know that I had a hard time confronting my Dr. about my concerns but if you repeat what you want to say in your head and have it written down you are sure to get it all out.
Good Luck and maybe by the time you get this you will have already had that beautiful baby!

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Re : Pre-Eclampsia worries?? Help, New here

Postby punkinpie8989 » Fri Nov 21, 2003 08:48 am

I'm sorry this post is so long, but I'd really appreciate a response... Should I be worried here? How do I ask my dr for a 24 hour test? I'm not even sure what it is, except that people have been telling me I should ask for one?


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Pre-Eclampsia worries?? Help, New here

Postby punkinpie8989 » Fri Nov 21, 2003 08:22 am

I'm worried that my dr isn't worried enough about my symptoms.
I post a lot on the iVillage boards, and someone recommended that I come here and post as well.. I'll repost my posts from ivillage and maybe someone can tell me what you all think?

Here it is:

"Last week at my appt, I was 3cm, 100% effaced, and baby at 0 station.. She said the baby would probably arrive in less than a week.. It's a week now, and no baby! Oh well though, I'm ok with it!
BUT, my question is really this.... I've had really low BP throughout the second half of this pg... Passing out at work, etc.. about 84/42, 88/50.. in that sort of range. Well, in the past few weeks, I've noticed being quite a bit swollen, and really thirsty all the time.. my hands and feet and calves are really swollen a lot. So 2 weeks ago she took my bp, and it was 132/75.. I know this is in the high normal range, but considering the change in almost one week, so was pretty concerned! And my normal bp is like 98-105/60-65..
Then when I went back last week (and found out i was 3cm, 100%, and 0 station), she said bp was 135-80, which again is slightly higher.. They tested my urine, and she said there was a small amount of protein..(4, I think she said?) She said they were going to keep a close eye on it.

Well, I have an appt today at 4 (it's 11:45 now)... I've been definately swollen the whole past week, and I know my bp is still in that 135/80 range, cause I got it checked.
I'm worried about having more protien in my urine today.

And if I do, do they induce for something like this? for pre-eclampsia, or signs of impending pre-eclampsia? If they induce, is it just meds to get things going, or would they do a c-section? I'm already 3cm, 100%, so I'm concerned that she might say that we need to induce to get the baby safely out.

Also, when they induce (BTDT moms might know this), what kind of time frame are we talking about? For example, I'm worried that I'm going to go the dr this afternoon, and she's gonna tell me to show up tomorrow at the hospital to be induced.. Or do they give you a week or so?

Any clue? I just want to be prepared in case my bp is still up there.. and if there's still protien in my urine...

And honestly, at this point, I wouldn't MIND being induced... I've been dialated and completely effaced for a while now, and I SWEAR it feels like this kid is just going to drop right out of me, but NOTHING.. I haven't slept in a long time.. Some nights i sleep ok, but i'd say 5 out of the past 7 nights I haven't slept at all.. I'm talking up walking around, cleaning, whatever, cause i can't sleep. I'm ready for this little girl to arrive!

Any advice?



Then I posted again:

"Ok, it's me again (the original poster!)
Someone said under the original post that 300 is normal for urine protien? Hmm.. Now i'm a little concerned..
After my dr appt last week when they tested for urine, ( I THINK) the nurse said my level was 4.. Did she mean 400? She seemed a little concerned, so she went back and asked the dr if they should do any more tests, and the dr said no, but we'll keep a close eye on it.

Also.. this is gonna sound weird... I know I mentioned to you all that I've been swollen and all that and my bp has gone up... Well i swear.. A few days ago I was admiring my swollen feet, and I SWORE, my left foot/ankle/calf looked more swollen than the right (even though the right looked swollen too..

Well, last night i swore it was like that again, so I asked DH, and he noticed it too..

Well.. my mom just stopped by.. my hands dont feel too swollen right now, but my feet do a bit, and my mom wanted to check them out.. And she's like "wow, your left looks more swollen than your right!"

Ok, what's the deal? I'm getting nervous here. I can't wait for this dr appt this afternoon.


And my last post (sorry this is so long!!)
"I went to the dr this afternoon...
STILL 3cm, 100& effaced, 0 station.. For over a week now.. She said she's VERY suprised I havent delivered yet.. And it should be any day.. Well, Im not going to keep my hopes up!

Anyway, lasy week, there was a trace of protien (she said 4??)...
I've been SOOOOO swollen this past week. And my bp is up..... my normal is like 95-105/60-65... All through this pg, I've been like 84/42, 95/50.. wicked low. I had to be taken out of work for passing out!

All of a sudden, in the past 2 weeks, it's been up to 135/80, which is know isn't wicked high, but it's a HUGE increase for me..

Well, I've been feeling MISERABLE.. and my feet hands and face are SOOO swollen.. And i posted above about all this.. I went to the dr, and she said I'm FINE. You can't even see my ankles, and my calfs are huge.. and my hands are way swollen. I dont feel fine at all.. This has come on all of a sudden in like the past week or 2. And I dont feel good about it.... They checked my urine today again. The nurse said it came back "negative.."...

And they sent me home.. I feel miserable.. I just feel like it's not right that I'm swollen this much. I'm only 4'10, very tiny, and I am HUGE right now b/c of swelling. And the fact that I'm 3cm, 100% for over a week.. I just want this baby OUT. I just feel like something is "wrong".. Maybe not horribly wrong, but I feel like something is not right with me. I mean, should my feet feel tingly like this? she didn't seem to be too concerned..

I'm so tired.. I cried all the way home from the dr.. I was hoping she'd send me to L&D. I cried because I feel like crap and she thinks I'm fine.. And I cried cause I just can't handle being pg anymore... My back kills..THe baby's head is SITTING right on my cervix.. It HURTS. I want to walk around to get this baby going, but i feel too swollen.....

Any advice...any kind of response would be great..



Ok, so there are my posts.. Someone from ivillage wrote me back saying that the dr should have done a 24 hr protien test on me? I dont really understand much about this... Should I be concerned? Or am I finebecause the dr says I'm fine?

Please respond! I'm very worried.

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