Anyone in Anchorage????

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Re : Anyone in Anchorage????

Postby akemt » Tue Jan 10, 2006 02:30 pm

LOL, I have to say that I like living in Southeast! And yah, I love those shoes (even without snow/ice).

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Re : Anyone in Anchorage????

Postby laura » Mon Jan 09, 2006 12:04 am

Woo hoo! Email me, I'll come to see you. I don't live far from the Dimond Hotel.

It is going to get cold. It's been around 28-30 degrees this past week, but it is supposed to drop down near zero this weekend- so a muffler to breathe through might be good- when the moisture in the air freezes, it can burn your nose.
Bring good shoes- or head to an outlet store and find some good shoes- with a back (no mules) and good traction. I hate that I have to turn every pair of shoes over to see what kind of traction it will have for walking on ice, and won't get mucked out with melting snow on my shoes.
Most people wear shoes like this (not necessarily Lands End, just the idea),,1 ... 6558157970

I'm so excited, nobody ever comes up here!

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Anyone in Anchorage????

Postby cara » Mon Jan 09, 2006 09:55 am

Hey AK gals,

I am headed to Anchorage to see a sick family member and was wondering about how to dress, what not to miss, best place to view Northern Lights, etc...

We are staying at the Diamond Center Hotel that is apparently hooked on to the mall.

Recommendations, please!! Thanks!

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