are there lasting effects?

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Re : are there lasting effects?

Postby akemt » Mon Nov 24, 2003 02:37 pm


Some women do have problems after a bout with PE, though I don't personally know much about that. Sometimes the PE is actually caused by an underlying condition such as an autoimmune disorder or clotting disorder. I suggest you get tested for those before another pregnancy. Also, your PE might have been chronic hypertension that was simply unmasked by the stresses of pregnancy. It doesn't look like that is the case, though I am no doctor. And obviously if you go through another pregnancy, your risk is somewhat higher and you should be watched closely for signs and symptoms of the PE coming back. I have heard women on here talk about it taking years for their bodies to return to normal, Congratulations on your recovery!

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are there lasting effects?

Postby faith5x5 » Mon Nov 24, 2003 02:24 pm

I'm just wondering if anyone has run into complications from there pre-eclampsia? I developed my severe high blood pressure in my 24th week with my third child. I've always had normal blood pressure around 116/70.At 36 weeks i went for a regular check up and my blood pressure was 215/125.They did a stress test and the baby wasn't responding well so I was sent over to the hospital and they delivered him by c-section.He was fine but my blood pressure continued to rise.I cant say how high it got up to because they thought it would be best if i didn't know but it must have been high considering the whisper's and worried looks on there faces. My family and ob dr.s both argued about who would continue my bp care.Neither wanted the job and sent me to a cardiologist. My blood pressure is now normal 125/80.My question now is will my brief spout with high blood pressure cause problems later?

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