mild PE-Does it always progress?

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Re : mild PE-Does it always progress?

Postby expert on call » Sun Apr 13, 2003 10:14 pm

Hypertension in pregnancy can result in many diffferent problems, including intrauterine fetal death or seizures in some cases. These can often come without warning, even if you are vigilant and monitoring your own blood pressure at home. Some doctors may bring you in very often for monitoring, while others may just admit you to the hospital. I would say that the extra visits are not excessive.

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mild PE-Does it always progress?

Postby paljane8 » Fri Apr 04, 2003 02:49 pm

I developed PIH at 23 weeks. I was started on Atenolol but, was switched to Labetalol a week later. No protein until around 26 weeks and it was only a +1. I was asked to quit work and some volunteering projects I do until after the baby is born. I am on modified bedrest. (6 hours/day left side in bed) I will be 32 weeks tomorrow. My blood pressure continues to creep up but, every time my dose is increased I respond well. Protein has never increased. As back ground, this is my 4th baby. I developed PE at 36 weeks with the last one. No meds. but, complete bedrest until 38 weeks when I was induced because PE progressed rapidly (over night). This is the thing. I am still in the mild stage, the baby measures a little small, fluid is good (although in the past, I had low readings), placenta looks good (but, in the past, I had slightly low blood flow to baby). I go in 3x a week now. Is this over kill? Every Mon or Tues. I have a bpp and meet with the Fetal/Maternal dr. Every Weds. is the U/S to measure fluid and watch placenta and meet with my reg. ob/gyn. Every Thurs. or Fri. is the NST. I wonder if they remember I am on bedrest. I do daily BP and fetal movement checks. It seems a bit excessive to go in 3x/week when the baby and I are fine and I can call if my BP rises? Not that I don't appreciate that PE can progress quickly, but, is this considered excessive testing this early in the game?

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