What is wrong with People???

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What is wrong with People???

Postby arj » Fri Dec 03, 2004 07:50 am

Completely not related to PE, but I have some depressing news that I have to get off my chest...

Last night I had duty at the hospital and around 10:00pm I had to respond to a Code Blue in the PICU. I'm not a medical person, my job is more "crowd control and dispersion" should there be one. As I stood next to the Chaplain and watched about 10 doctors/nurses revive a 2-month old little girl, I wondered where the parents were. I didn't see them anywhere.

I asked the Chaplain if he knew, and he said that this was a "Child Protective Services" case. This helpless, tiny creature was a victim of shaken baby syndrome. I was heartbroken. CAN YOU IMAGINE DOING THIS TO YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD (or any child for that matter)?!?!?! This poor baby is either going to die or if not, she will more than likely have permanent damage for the rest of her life. How much time would it have taken for her parents to simply put her in her crib and walk away? 5 seconds?

And here I am, a member of an organization who has so many members who would give up their right arms for a healthy baby. Life is not fair.... [V]

It goes without saying that I probably don't even need to say this here, but maybe you know someone with a temper, a short fuse, or a colicky baby, but here goes....DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER SHAKE YOUR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! Put the baby in his/her crib or hand them off to someone else who isn't frazzled and take a break. You could be saving a life....

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