Another survey??

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expert on call
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Re : Another survey??

Postby expert on call » Sun Feb 16, 2003 05:56 pm

Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry to not respond sooner--I read this and then got distracted with something else. We were actually given a grant to develop questionaires to drive research so this is great. We will add this to our list. That money is arriving yet this month and is earmarked for just this thing. Like with the Boy or Girl Survey--there are a lot of things I wonder about...I met a doctor who works in Egypt and she described "preeclamptic patients" as a physical type...that when "that type" came in the nurses would look at one another knowingly. Anyway, we aren't doing a survey immediately because we are working to get this survey driven database up and running but will add that to one of the possible surveys. Thanks again!


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Another survey??

Postby hellpful_me » Fri Feb 07, 2003 05:48 pm

It was interesting to see the Boy/Girl survey results. Thank you for doing it.

I've read articles that say women with pre-e and hellp tend to have abnormal Maternal-Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein tests when there are no genetic defects to the baby. ... 27&nav=abs

This happened to me. I'd be curious to see how many others have had that happen. Would you consider doing another survey on this topic?

Matthew-stillborn @30wks
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