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Get the Word Out:Brochure Distribution Spring 2006

Re : Get the Word Out:Brochure Distribution Spring 2006

Postby darcynulph » Wed Feb 08, 2006 08:07 am

by darcynulph (413 Posts), Wed Feb 08, 2006 08:07 am


This is just a suggestion. If you have health insurance, go online to the insurance company's database. My insurance compiles the list by zip code and distance from the zip code. If yours doesn't let me know the area and I will do a search for you and eamil it.
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Re : Get the Word Out:Brochure Distribution Spring 2006

Postby carolh » Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:34 am

by carolh (206 Posts), Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:34 am

Hi Ladies!

It's so exciting to see such energy out there regarding our brochures! As Jill said in the first post, this is our main education/awareness campaign and we need all the volunteers we can get to participate.

We have an entire process outlined for how to distribute brochures and document your brochure activities. The gist of it is for you to email me your desire to participate and I will get you some brochures, email you the Dear Doctor letter and another document we need you to use called the Brochure Distribution Plan. The BDP is simply a document you will use to track all of the locations that you will approach and gives you a tool to keep notes on what your progress is. It allows you to document how many brochures each location requests and then a total amount at the bottom for all the locations together. Once you've filled this out and hit all your targeted locations, you will send it to me and I'll arrange for the brochures to either be sent to you or we can ship them directly to the locations. The BDP will also give us an idea of what types of locations we are being successful with and which ones we aren't. We can then use that info to re-focus our efforts and figure out better 'marketing' techniques for getting our brochures into the places that have been resisting.

Two other issues to address: Shipping & handling costs and reordering. The S&H costs have been determined based on the amt being shipped (I can get you those numbers from Jaime). In your talks with each location you can tell them that there is a small S&H charge and that you can arrange to have the brochures shipped directly to them (this will avoid you having to pay the S&H if they are shipped to your house). Obviously, you'll need to collect an accurate mailing address for the location so we can ensure that the brochures get to the right place (particularly in hospital systems). As far as reordering, we are trying to get an online order form put on the website so each location can easily reorder when they run out. If that can't happen quickly (I'll ask again) we can have printed order forms that can be handed to them. This will help them to have an easy way to reorder and also take you out of the loop so you don't have to constantly check back with each location about reordering.

So, email me ( to let me know you want to proceed and I'll get you everything you need, which we're calling the brochure 'starter kit'. You'll get 25 brochures, the Dear Doctor letter, the BDP and potentially a reorder form. If you need more brochures we can figure that out.

Thanks again for the committment of your time and energy! This part of our education/awareness initiative is completely driven by awesome volunteers like you guys!


P.S. my home computer has no Internet access right now and we're trying to get Comcast out to figure out the problem. If you don't hear from me for a couple days that's why! I'm driving around town when I can to use other's computers until mine is up and running!
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