What does the abdominal pain feel like?

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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby macawluver » Mon Mar 01, 2004 10:02 am

In my case, the abdominal pain felt just like indigestion only MORE severe and coupled with nausea. It would get MUCH worse when I would eat something also. I kind of had a clue that something was wrong when taking antacids was just not helping me as they always had before. The only relief I found for the pain was soaking in a warm tub.

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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby sara » Mon Mar 01, 2004 07:18 am

I never had the epigastric or right upper abdominal pain. I had Class 1 HELLP Syndrome, my platelets were down to 39,000 when I had my daughter.
The pain I had was the night before I had my daughter. It was what I call flank pain, or mid-back pain. It was excruciating, the worst pain I'd ever felt. I was grunting from the pain, and couldn't find a comfortable position. I"m convinced it was my kidneys. It finally subsided enough that I got a little sleep. I saw my doctor late the next morning. He sent me straight to the hospital, and the rest is history.
Like some others have said, you have to feel comfortable with your doctor. Maybe you need a second opinion.
Good luck.

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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby meaz » Thu Aug 07, 2003 12:38 am

My pain was in my upper epigastric area. Like right below my breast. It was kinda dull and achey both really bothersome. And I also had shoulder pain (which felt like I was just really stressed and needed a good massage). I thought I had the flu so I didn't pay it anymind. That and all my lab work was fine so I really just blew it off. But I did gain like 12 pounds in one month. I thought because I had given up on eating healthy and just inhaled everything in site - BUT NO! So, if you get any of these symptoms get to your doctor ASAP. Oh, and I had nosebleeds, and headaches too.

Originally posted by Sarina

I'm trying to keep an eye on things since I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and I developed preeclampsia during my last pregnancy.

I'm wondering what the abdominal pain with HELLP feels like?




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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby christinab. » Tue Jul 29, 2003 08:15 am


When I first got the "pain" I was cooking dinner for my husband. It was like nothing I have ever felt before. My head started spinning, my vision began to blurr, and I kept vommiting. Nothing was making it go away. It hurt so much. It took alot of medication to make it leave. And by that time I was admitted into the hospital. All I can say is that I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy.


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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby angelical » Tue Jul 29, 2003 05:20 am

Originally posted by lizparnell

...if it is something serious they would've picked that up a week ago?

Based on my own experience, and many of the posts on this Forum, I wouldn't count on that. Unfortunately even "good" doctors can miss what seems to us as obvious signs.

Good luck!

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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby lizparnell » Mon Jul 28, 2003 11:43 pm

People have described lots of different types of pain. What about pain that feels like bruising, just under the ribs, on the top of my bump? I wasn't really worried about the pain, but I have preeclampsia, so was checking sites out. I noticed the shoulder pain comment - I have had pain in my right shoulder for a week. However, I was in hospital when it started, so I am wondering, if it is something serious they would've picked that up a week ago?[url="mailto:lizparnell@ihug.com.au"]lizparnell@ihug.com.au[/url]

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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby amyk » Wed Jun 25, 2003 02:01 pm

Mine was an intense pain that woke me from a sound sleep and wouldn't go away. I took Tylenol after Tylenol after Tylenol after Tylenol and it did nothing except make me dizzy and nauseated. I finally resorted to carrying two hot water bottles, one just under my right ribcage and the other on the right side of my back. I felt like I was short of breath and it hurt to sit or lie down, so I just walked laps around the kitchen island. I seriously must have walked a thousand laps just crying and crying because it hurt so badly. My points are: 1)I think if it's this kind of pain, you'll know it.
2)I was a huge idiot for not doing anything about it. I didn't want to bother anyone so I waited several hours until my OB's office opened. He figured it was a normal pregnancy backache and called in a prescription for Vicodan. If I ever got that again I would go straight to L&D now.
I hope you are feeling much better.


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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby ireneb » Wed Jun 25, 2003 09:26 am

I realize the last posted message was 3 weeks ago, but hopefully you're doing well. The pain I had with HELLP was in the upper abdominal area just below the sternum (where the ribs meet). The pain was not severe at first, just relentless. I thought it was either heartburn or too much food at once. It continued to worsen and I sought medical attention 24 hours later when I received the diagnosis and subsequently had to deliver emergently via c-section.
Although my pain was not severe until the next day, I wouldn't classify it as excruciating and I NEVER had nausea, vomiting, headache. This abdominal pain was my only symptom (besides the swelling in my legs and hands that gradually worsened over a 2-week time period). However, my understanding is that the liver pain in HELLP would not go away until delivery.
Hope this helps (no pun intended).


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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby annegarrett » Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:26 am

Thanks for clarifying--I read through these pretty fast sometimes so can miss the details! [;)] More than anything--you should feel like your doctor is listening and you should be proactive about your care. Sounds like you are doing your part and that you are getting the doctor's to be responsive. I would keep doing what you're doing.

Take care,


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Re : What does the abdominal pain feel like?

Postby sarina » Thu Jun 05, 2003 10:22 am

The first post above said...

"Sometimes this pain can feel like a pulled muscle--or even the usual aches and pains of a stretching abdomen, too much Chinese food, or a general malaise. For me--the pain was intense and I couldn't lie on my right side."

That's what I was referring to.

I have found much comfort in the fact that I'm not nauseated and that the pain is not severe...yet it bothers me that it just won't go away and it's in the area of my liver.

I called the doctor regarding the 3 hour glucose tolerance test that I had to take yesterday and also mentioned that the pain I was having has not gone away when I talked to the nurse. She scheduled me to come in this afternoon. That way I can talk to them about my test results and the doctor can take a look and listen to my concerns about this pain.

Thanks for the reassurance girls.


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