Didn't catch the egg. :(

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby ann15 » Mon Nov 18, 637354 10:55 am

Best of Luck next month.....I am thinking about starting the TTC journey then as well....

Glad to see you got some practice in there though :-)

heather h
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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby heather h » Sun Nov 17, 637354 1:01 pm

Im so sorry - keep your head up... On to september!! COME ON BFP!!!

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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby missgamecock » Sun Nov 17, 637354 1:33 am

Sorry to hear you didn't catch the egg. Baby dust your way!

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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby cara » Sun Nov 17, 637354 12:55 am

Hopefully next month will be a big one for all of us!!

patricks mommy
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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby patricks mommy » Sun Nov 17, 637354 12:50 am


It looks like we will be trying at the same time. My husband and I are not trying this month (very frustrating since I am ovulating right now[}:)]) but we will be back on track next month. We were thrown for a loop, turns out my company never got the short term disability and never told the employees. Oh well, we are taking a month to try to figure things out financially.

Hang in there, I am sure you will get a +++ soon.

Take care!

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julie f
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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby julie f » Sat Nov 16, 637354 12:51 am

Sorry to hear about AF[:(!][:(!]. I hope September brings happy happy news!

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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby lorelei » Wed Nov 06, 637354 9:00 pm

Sorry the timing was off..Hoping for a bfp for you in September!!

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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby froggie89 » Wed Nov 06, 637354 6:51 pm

Sorry about AF...but here's hoping September is your month!

We're starting this month - I'm jumping the gun just a little 'cuz we can't wait any longer.

Sending lots of babydust your way!!! :)

Mom to Alexander, 3/21/05-3/21/05, severe pe

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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby sweetiesuzy » Wed Nov 06, 637354 6:33 pm

Sorry to hear this news. Truly hoping for next month for you guys.

Huge hugs,

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Re : Didn't catch the egg. :(

Postby angelkat » Wed Nov 06, 637354 6:13 pm

Here's to September!!... Practice makes perfect!

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