Legs feel alittle swollen

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maxs mom
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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby maxs mom » Mon Oct 13, 637338 2:59 am

Wow, I can't believe you are 27 weeks already, how time flies.

I have been experiencing some swelling too, especially when I have eaten foods with a high sodium content, like yesterday I had popcorn and pizza (tomato sauce has lots of sodium) And at the end of the night my feet were really tight. The important thing to note, does the swelling go away after a good night's sleep. Some swelling is normal, but that in the hands and face is more a sign of PE, especially if the swelling isn't going down. Are you taking your blood pressures at home? Are you sure to get a daily nap in? And are you drinking plenty of water, I know my intake has been low some days, and this too contributes to feeling tight at night.

I wish you the best, keep us posted!

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meg hanrahan
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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby meg hanrahan » Mon Oct 13, 637338 12:00 am

April - I don't have much to add but to congratulate you on 27 weeks!! You are just chugging right along - and overall it sounds like things are going great. Let us know what your doc says on Friday.

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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby anne » Sun Oct 12, 637338 2:53 pm


I am due on May 31 and am also having swelling. I see a naturpathic doctor as well as my OB and he said it was +2 edema in my lower legs, but strangely my feet arent too bad. It hurts to squat down inthe evenings and my legs are ugly.

I find that it definitley increases over the day and then reduces quite a bit overnight. In the am I only have some minor foot swelling (my rings are long gone as my hands are also a little swollen).

I see my dr tomorrow and will ask what he thinks...I not had a 24 hr urine yet, so I will request that this time as I have had some protein my last 2 visits.

I hope you are feeling well otherwise - we still have a ways to go!

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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby annes » Sun Oct 12, 637338 1:45 pm

April, I started swelling during my pregnancy with Parker pretty early, I don't remember exactly when. It stopped going away with elevation, and my fingers got so swollen I had to remove my rings and then the next week (32) I was diagnosed. I made sure my OB was aware, and she was great. You must be worried, but really, women with normal pregnancies do get swelling, too, my cousin was so bad she could only wear her husband's slippers[:(]. You have come so far, good luck!

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rachel a
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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby rachel a » Sun Oct 12, 637338 1:28 pm


As the others have said, some swelling is normal and to be expected. When swelling increases slowly, we, ourselves, aren't seeing the change. Let your doctor know that you are concerned and have him actually take a look. Swelling, only to a certain degree, is normal.

I put on 63lbs of fluid (I know b/c that is the amount of weight I lost in just 4 days on lasix) and I felt really tight. I couldn't see the swelling, at least not to the severity that the rest of the world was seeing it.

Just let your doctor know and watch for any sudden weight changes (plus or minus).

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ann marie
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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby ann marie » Sun Oct 12, 637338 10:35 am


I can't imagine how nervous you are. Remember that some swelling is normal. Make sure to mention it to your doc on Friday and see if you've had any significant weight change. As always though if in doubt give your doc a call.

Congratulations on 27 weeks!! That's a wonderful milestone. You're doing a wonderful job growing that baby. I'm glad to hear that your doc is watching you closely.


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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby fiona » Sun Oct 12, 637338 10:29 am

I'm coming up to 25 weeks and have started swelling - feet and ankles and a little in my hands. I suffered really bad swelling in both of my previous pregnancies - pitting edema up to the knee, hands in splints - so I'm more irritated than worried at the moment. The tightness you describe is something I relate to. Bedrest is probably adding to it - after I had spent 3 months on the sofa with Jay, I had odd places of tight skin and swelling - the small of my back for one.

Some swelling is to be expected - and it doesn't sound as though you're turning into a balloon but it's so hard not to worry about each new development after a loss, I know, and I think you are right to bring up anything that's on your mind with your Dr for reassurance. Your 24 hr urine number is great.

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Re : Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby tommysmommy21004 » Sun Oct 12, 637338 10:25 am

Not to scare you, but I'd ask them to do a liver panel on you just to make sure everything's okay there. The only reason I say that is because of my own personal history, which really doesn't mean the same thing is happening to you, but I had swelling that went all the way from my feet/ankles up my legs and into my knees just before coming down with severe pe and hellp. I also have prothrombin which Tom and I think may have brought on what happened to me.

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Legs feel alittle swollen

Postby april » Sun Oct 12, 637338 10:12 am

I am 27wks, and the last few days I have noticed that my legs feel alittle swollen. They don't look swollen, but they feel alittle tighter or something. I saw my Dr. yesterday, and things were fine at my visit. And I see my Dr. again on Friday, so if they continue to feel this way I will see what she says on Friday. I did a 24 hr urine test about a week or so ago and it was 104. I am just so scared. I know that some swelling in pregnancy is normal. But, I don't know what normal is. Any input or advice?

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