31wk appt.-older looking placenta?

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Re : 31wk appt.-older looking placenta?

Postby mada » Tue Sep 01, 637339 4:10 am

April, Someone else just posted about this...their placenta was a 2 but I don't remember how many weeks she was...sorry. I think that while I am sure it's worriesome for you, it sounds like the baby is doing excellent and is at a good weight so your placenta must still be functioning okay. I am glad to hear they will be keeping a watchful eye with weekly nst's...I can't believe you are 31 weeks!!!! That is awesome!!! Hang in there!!! xoxo

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Re : 31wk appt.-older looking placenta?

Postby tommysmommy21004 » Sat Aug 22, 637339 7:30 am

I'm afraid that I'm not much use here either, April. I am sorry you've had to go through so much. You are in my prayers.

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Re : 31wk appt.-older looking placenta?

Postby julie f » Sat Aug 22, 637339 5:20 am


I don't have any knowledge of this either but, I'm praying that placenta holds up until baby is nice and ripe for picking! Please keep us posted on your NSTs.

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Re : 31wk appt.-older looking placenta?

Postby denise » Sat Aug 22, 637339 2:06 am

Oh April, you just can't seem to catch a break with this pg. I'm so sorry this has popped up. I don't have any experience with this myself. I'm hoping someone here does and will pop in soon with some advice for you. Baby sounds like it is doing well. 3.12 is a great weight!!

Please know that you are in our thoughts. Hope you can cook this baby until the end of May!

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Re : 31wk appt.-older looking placenta?

Postby melissam » Fri Aug 21, 637339 10:58 pm

I haven't had any experience with this before, but I wanted to tell you good luck and I hope all goes well for you.

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31wk appt.-older looking placenta?

Postby april » Fri Aug 21, 637339 9:06 pm

I went in for my 31wk appt today and also for a scheduled ultrasound. At the ultrasound everything looked good, the baby weighed in at 3lbs12oz, and looked well. But, the dr. said that my placenta looked more aged than what it should be. She said that it is a #3 and it should be a 2. It is what it should be if I was 34wks. So, after that I did a nst, and she said that it looked excellant. So, now they are going to do weekly nst at every appt. to make sure that the baby is not in distress. But, it kinda worries me. Does anyone have any experience with this, or know anything about it?

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