YAH!!!! I got a peri. appointment

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julie f
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Re : YAH!!!! I got a peri. appointment

Postby julie f » Wed Mar 28, 637342 9:54 am

Oh, peace of mind is worth sooooooooo much, I'm so glad for you!

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Re : YAH!!!! I got a peri. appointment

Postby april » Tue Mar 27, 637342 8:47 am


Glad to hear that you got your appt. Keep us updated.[:)]

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Re : YAH!!!! I got a peri. appointment

Postby mom2tori » Tue Mar 27, 637342 7:30 am

Good for you Brittani! I hope that appointment goes well.

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Re : YAH!!!! I got a peri. appointment

Postby denise » Tue Mar 27, 637342 5:50 am

That is awesome Brittani! I hope you have a great appt. You'll have to tell us all about it.

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YAH!!!! I got a peri. appointment

Postby brittani » Tue Mar 27, 637342 5:14 am

This morning I got a very early call from my ob's office. They set me up for an appointment with my perinatologist for May 11th. My dr. said if it would ease my mind and make me feel better then they would do it. I really am grateful to have such an understanding ob dr. this time around. Just wanted to update!

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