Surprised by Jaundice

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Re : Surprised by Jaundice

Postby angelkat » Fri May 20, 2005 06:20 pm

Sue... I hope on Monday you have good numbers. I always hate when I had to stick a baby always just broke my heart more for the parents than for the child.

Sending you HUGE HUGS as I'm sure you could use them right about now

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Surprised by Jaundice

Postby timelessbeauty » Fri May 20, 2005 05:35 pm

All three of my kids have had jaundice so dealing with it is nothing new. But what was new was going to the hospital to have labs drawn, bililights and a biliblanket for the youngest kiddo. My second oldest daughter was much more "pumpkin" in color than our little gent but yet her numbers never went above 17 for bilirubin. Our little boy went as high as 27 by the time we were admitted into the children's hospital Wednesday night. We spent 24 hours there and he caught up on his sleep while I spent a sleepless night worrying over him as any mother does with a child in the hospital.

Every two hours I was pumping and trying to feed the contents to my little sleepy boy, as well as feeding supplements. His numbers came down to 19, 16, and then we were discharged at 13.8. I learned about the dangers of jaundice and what factors play into the whole ordeal. My milk did come in a bit later but his stools had been changing color and the volume in the diaper had been increasing (once I figured out how to diaper a boy so the contents weren't worn on my t-shirt or leaking onto his outfit every 2-3 hours!).LOL

I was heartbroken to see how many times it took them to get the IV in my little boy's veins. They tried five times as the veins kept blowing. And his cries shot through me every time I knew he was in agony. I talked to him and encouraged him that he was doing a good job by putting up with everything and all was going to be better. I could only hope my hand stroking his head helped calm him in some way to know his mother was at his side.

They needed to draw labs later in the night and ran out of spots so they tried the veins in his scalp. Oh, that forced me to sit down as it looked outright painful but the nurse said it was the area with the least amount of nerves to really bother him. His cries told me it still hurt.

We are home now with a biliblanket and doing ok. Will go back on Monday for more testing and weight check.


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