OMG...could it be???

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby tracey » Thu Nov 20, 637332 9:23 pm

Oh, how exciting!
I, too am betting this is it!

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby bridget » Thu Nov 20, 637332 7:10 pm

Kris--- I am so thrilled for you.
Hope there is more good news tomorrow.

Take care,

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby catherine » Thu Nov 20, 637332 2:05 pm

Agh Kris............ you're killing me here..... I'm so excited for you that I could burst....

Let's hope that these are the first few days of a long and healthy pregnancy!!

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby kylesmom » Thu Nov 20, 637332 11:45 am

I agree... A LINE IS A LINE... it doesn't matter how dark or light! [:D][:D][:D]

I am saying a little prayer for you... can't wait til tomorrow!

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby kimmc » Thu Nov 20, 637332 4:35 am

Oh Kris I do hope for a BFP tomorrow morning with bright dark lines so you'll have no doubt. Or you can buy one of the digital ones that say pregnant or not pregnant[:D] Keeping my fingers crossed. Hurry up tomorrow morning I want to know (I'm sure you do too)[:p]

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby raindrop » Thu Nov 20, 637332 2:09 am

oh Kris how exciting... I hope the next one you take it is bright so you can see it clearly... Will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby fiona » Thu Nov 20, 637332 2:08 am

YEAH Kris!!!! I was just thinking last night that AF was awfully late for you. I am of the opinion that a line is a line - my first couple of tests this time were so faint, I made the dr confirm it! Good luck tomorrow!

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby mom2tori » Thu Nov 20, 637332 12:14 am

Kris, I am so happy and excited for you and am praying that this is real and not a dream, pinch me!! I hope this is the begining of a long problem free pregnancy!!! Update as soon as you know anything!

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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby arj » Thu Nov 20, 637332 12:12 am

Hooray!!! My experience was if it looks like there is something there, there is!!! Good luck tomorrow!!

Allison (29)
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Re : OMG...could it be???

Postby tafkap » Thu Nov 20, 637332 12:08 am

I'm jumping up and down! (and typing!!)

Oh, Kris, I HOPE THIS IS IT!!! : ) YEAHHH!!

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