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Re : New Forum Features.....

Postby 5thtymachrm » Mon Sep 29, 2003 07:54 am

Great new features![:D][:D]

I'll have to try them out one of these days, and put baby's pic on here once she gets here[:)]

Wonderful Ideas![:D]

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angela demoore
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New Forum Features.....

Postby angela demoore » Mon Sep 29, 2003 01:56 am

Hi All..!

There are some new forum features that have been added to the website.[:D]

Photos - you can now have your photo appear below your name on postings - note, see left for this feature! If you would like a picture to show, please email it to me and I will put add it in for you. (Btw, this is my beautiful daughter - Kim![8D])

The pictures should ideally be 96x96 in size, aspect ratio is also important as pictures will be stretched to fit the 96x96 square.

Chat - it was mentioned to me a while ago about the possibility of having a 'live' chat feature. Here it is, but only in test, please go in and try it out, let me know how you like it, if you have any problems, or questions etc. (Chat is available in the menu above.)


Angela [8)]

Preeclampsia Foundation
Tel: 425 885 3498

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