Indiana WAT opportunities

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Re : Indiana WAT opportunities

Postby michellelhuston » Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:24 am

Hi Kathy!

Thanks you! I just sent you an e-mail!

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Indiana WAT opportunities

Postby bicyclist » Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:36 pm

Congratulations, Michelle, I am so happy for you!

Sue, I'm willing to attend a meeting.


Indiana PF Walk-a-thon Saturday, June 9th 10:30 a.m.

If anyone is able to help with something on the task list for the Indiana WAT in Auburn, please email me.

Some tasks that we could use help with...

Before the WAT
Securing sponsors
Secure or donate a silent auction item(s)
Donate new items that can be "regifted" for silent auction baskets
Donate empty baskets for silent auction
Research on-line IN large business websites to see if we are eligible to submit a proposal for a sponsorship
Check to see if your employer has a donation program
Recruit walkers
Hang posters & distribute WAT brochures locally
Send invitations out to your email list of friends and family)
Recruit teams (your hospital, ob office, civic club, softball team)
Sign up your own team
Tell your story to a local newspaper, radio or TV station
Help get our event community calendars across the state
Volunteer to work a rest stop
Ask your OB/peri to sponsor, make a donation or pledge you
Consider chairing next year's WAT
Enter data for next year's mail and email lists
Do mailing to civic groups and churches in IN asking for support
Send media advisories to papers, radio and TV stations in your area (or across state) They are already prepared for you!


Donut Shop - WAT Kick-off event - Friday, April 13th 6-10 a.m.

at J's Garden & Grill, Auburn, IN (northeast IN, near Fort Wayne)

Please note date change from Good Friday, April 6th to Friday, April 13, 2007

Some things we could use help with for the WAT "Kick-off"...

Attend/volunteer the Donut Shop - WAT "Kick-off" event
Pick up & help set up generator
Donate or seek donations of donut making ingredients
Pick up ingredients
Listen to the live broadcast on-line if you can't attend
Help make donuts Thurs. night or early Fri. a.m.
Register walkers at Donut Shop

Weekend before WAT - at Kathy's house
Help prep totes for rest stops for delivery crew
Prepare route signs & arrow signs for delivery crew
Put WAT sponsor labels on and fill walker bags
Prepare silent auction sheets
Pick up non-perishible snacks and water from donors

Day Before WAT
Delivery Crew- Signd & Totes of snacks & water to rest stops
Calls to remind neighborhood volunteers that will put trash cans
Distribute scavenger hunt clue cards to route sponsors
Pick up donations and supplies
Put up banners
Place signs along route

Day of WAT
Load shuttle van w/ water, snacks & first aid kit
Help set up and/or clean up
Put up and/or take down tents
Arrive early to help set up
Work at a rest stop game
Take pictures for slide show at finish
Work silent auction before and after walk, help collect payments
Stay late and clean up at end point
Clean up & pick up supplies from a rest stop
Pick up route signs & roll up banners

After the WAT
Volunteer to Chair the WAT committee next year
Volunteer to be on WAT committee next year
Help send thank yous to sponsors, donors and volunteers
Help process money and paperwork
Return borrowed items
Sort totes and leftover items for next year
Drop off donation of left over snacks & food at shelter


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