Headache worse when lying down

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Re : Headache worse when lying down

Postby trish » Thu Jul 30, 2009 08:33 am

Echoing Kara, for whatever reason, I noticed my BP was higher at night or first thing in the morning. And when I had "the" headache it just hurt all the time, moving actually made it worse.

How are you feeling today? You'll be seeing you Dr. today right?

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Re : Headache worse when lying down

Postby kara » Wed Jul 29, 2009 05:54 pm

Some people's BP goes up at night. Weird, right because you're sleeping, but we see it frequently around here. Do you have excessive swelling elsewhere? The cerbral swelling happens when the body tries to find places to store extra fluid that it can't flush. Hand in hand with cerebral swelling comes anxiety, nervousness, visual disturbances, and brisk reflexes.

If anything else changes, please do call or go in right away, and don't wait until tomorrow.

"The PE Headache" is typically excruciating, but any headache with other symptoms is worth mentioning to the doc.

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Re : Headache worse when lying down

Postby kotokage » Wed Jul 29, 2009 05:51 pm

Those symptoms sound pretty concerning and worth calling in about to me. The only kind of headache I've had that was worse lying down was a sinus headache.
Hope it goes away and you feel better soon!

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Headache worse when lying down

Postby jokell2 » Wed Jul 29, 2009 05:02 pm

I've had a pretty persistent headache since Sunday. It's off and on in severity and I mentioned it to my peri at my appt. on monday. I had been lying on the table for my ultrasound for at least 30 minutes and when I got up to go in his office my headache was worse. I asked him if it had anything to do with my BP being lower when laying down and then increasing suddenly upon sitting causing the headache, and he said it's possible. He told me to let him know if it persists b/c that would be a sign to deliver.

Which brings me to today. Last night my head was hurting before bed so I took a Loratab. (I was prescribed them for my absessed tooth) I figured if it didn't take away the pain then I would know if it was a "preeclampsia headache". That was at 9:30 last night. I woke up twice during the night to go to the bathroom and both times my head was hurting pretty bad. After the last time I couldn't go back to sleep, partly b/c of the pain and partly b/c I was worried. So I got up and contemplated going in to L&D. It was 5:30 this morning. After talking to my husband I decided to think about it while I went to the store to buy some Tylenol. (we were out). After I was up for a while the severity of my headache lessened, even though it's still been persistent all day. I decided not to go in today b/c I have an appointment tomorrow anyway.

The interesting thing is I was doing some googling and of course saw that the preeclampsia headache is caused by cerebral swelling. Then I started looking up cerebral swelling and saw that headaches associated with this are worse when lying down. I've been wondering if my headaches were worse at night b/c my face swells more at night and this seems to all make sense. So how do you know if you have cerebral swelling??

Have any of you noticed or remember if your headaches were worse when lying down? Just trying to make sense of this. I'll tell my doctor tomorrow to see what he thinks.

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