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Postby hols537 » Tue May 25, 2010 12:02 am

All carseats are designed to meet the same safety standards, if used properly. The installing and using properly is really important. I have an Evenflo which I cannot get snug enough, so it's not as safe as the Britax which I can install tightly and securely. I also agree about comfort, especially as the kids get older.

I LOVE my Britax Marathons. They are the easiest to install of all the seats we've used (a couple of different Evenflo's and Graco's). They are a bit more expensive, but if you move your seats between cars, definitely find something that installs easily. Also keep in mind your car...some cars fit certain seats better than others and you won't know that until you've tried it.

Check out this page from the AAP: ... ocal+token

I believe the "bucket" style seats are safer for infants than the convertible seats but either way the convenience and appearance of comfort are enough to convince me. Regardless of what seats you choose, read the instructions to the seat and your car when installing and have it checked by a certified child safety seat inspector (for our county, the Police do checks).

This site will help you find locations to have the seat inspected:

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Postby milesymommy » Tue May 25, 2010 09:10 am

I've heard great things about Britax too. But we have a Graco snug ride infant seat and evenflo triumph toddler seat and been happy. When I washed the evenflo cover a couple times, the lining got bunched up inside the cover. I emailed evenflo and they sent a replacement cover for free. I don't like the drink holder - it's been through a lot of wear and not doesn't stay on anymore.
I'm also looking for new ones, and am leaning towards Graco myride65 for the infant/toddler. Its rear facing up to 40 lbs. It has 2 "built in" drink holders, so nothing that can be knocked off. I'm leaning towards Eddie Bauer Delux Booster for my 30 lb 3 year old. It seemed the most comfortable at the store, and had a nice cup holder as well.
My personal opinion is that all car seats are made to meet or exceed safety standards. As long as properly installed, any car seat will protect the child. Some seats fit better in certain cars than others, and it depends on if you have multiple car seats next to each other - narrower car seats are needed in that case. It also depends on if you do a lot of long distance car trips and if the child sleeps in the car seat alot - some toddler and booster car seats aren't comfortable to sleep in, but if you mostly do short trips, that shouldn't be a big deal. Comfort is my priority, and each child is different.

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Postby alexa5 » Tue May 25, 2010 08:55 am

There are many great forums for this, but wanted to link you to one that is really helpful in regard to getting some great feedback. Plus the stickies at the top include links to other sites.

Editing to add that we use a Britax Boulevard, as Britax is renowned for its safety. That said there are other brands now that have come forward to be just as good, and some of them are cheaper. I still really like our Britax though :-)

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Postby muddmomma2 » Tue May 25, 2010 00:14 am

HI I am looking for info on the safest infant AND safest toddler car seats...I want the very best and by that I mean the safest possible for my children! Thank you in advance! :)

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