AFP Test

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Re : AFP Test

Postby angieb » Wed Jan 11, 638632 1:25 am

We had a similar discussion to this but I'll add that my AFP was also high indicating an elevated risk for spina bifida. A level II ultrasound ruled that out, but it turns out I developed HELLP at 23 weeks and the baby had IUGR.

So I will always do the test in future pregnancies just to have the warning flag if nothing else.

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Re : AFP Test

Postby veronica44 » Wed Jan 11, 638632 12:33 am

Interesting topic - never had the test since my insurance wouldn't cover it if you're under 35. But I wonder if anyone is researching the correlation?

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Re : AFP Test

Postby atvlady » Mon Jan 02, 638632 12:32 am

I had the AFP done. Positive for OSB. AMnio was negative. I think the AFP IS in fact a marker for pre-e.

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Re : AFP Test

Postby melissam » Wed Apr 15, 637339 12:52 am

I did have the AFP test done. We would have kept the baby no matter the result. My test came back with a number of 6.4...anything over a 2 is concerning. They did a detailed ultrasound....that is pretty much when we found the blood in the amniotic fluid. Not that it did us any good. But that was really the first sign of trouble with Kelsi.

I would have it done again. I think, for me, it is nice to be prepared if anything should happen.

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Re : AFP Test

Postby cassie05 » Sun Apr 05, 637339 10:16 am

i took the test with my son and it came back with possiblities of spina bifida. we chose to have the amnio since the ultrasound was inconclusive. we planed on keeping the baby no matter what but wanted to be prepared and have the right doctors.
this time i have choosen to decline the test because of the stress it causes. if i make it to 36 weeks i have to have an amnio for lung development (i had a classical c-section and cant carry past that time) but as for everything else, its in Gods hands

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Re : AFP Test

Postby chunkyfly » Sun Apr 05, 637339 4:00 am

The AFP test saved my life! I've had the AFP test with all of my 4 children(had PE with #2 & #4)and with the first three results were always "normal" and somehow that reassured me that everything was OK. Then, with #4, I had whacky AFP results and luckily my OB sent me to a perinatologist who happened to have heard that weird AFP results could be an early indicator of PE. Let me tell you that several of the OB's I had talked to (I was in a teaching hospital so I came across several) HADN'T heard of this correlation.

Anyway, the perinatologist recommended to my OB that I be seen more frequently after 30 weeks to ensure no complications. My OB told me it was "overkill" and everything would be fine - and I believed her (my first case of PE with #2 was very mild and pregnancy #3 was completely normal). Lucky for me I had an OB that took the perinatologist's advice because at 32 weeks I needed to deliver my baby due to quick onset of severe PE. I hate to think of what might have happened if I weren't seen weekly at that point.

Babe #4 is fine now, but going through the stress of the whacky AFP results and all that entails(that was really emotionally difficult) was worth it because in the end I feel it's what allows me to be alive and able to write this posting.

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Re : AFP Test

Postby lucy » Sun Oct 09, 637335 6:25 am

I had the test with both my pregnancies (although we woundnt have given up on either, no matter what the results) but both of mine came back normal.

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Re : AFP Test

Postby christmasmommie » Sat Aug 13, 637335 7:41 am

My came back postitive for Downs... with a 1:71 chance that my DS had Downs. He did not (we found this out by amnio). The thing that made my triple screen so "out of whack" was that my HCG level was more than 3x normal. This is why I was considered "high risk"... because I was told "there might be something wrong with your placenta"... although I was never really told what could be wrong. I didn't find out until I got HELLP!

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Re : AFP Test

Postby fiona » Sat Aug 13, 637335 6:12 am

I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with such an incredibly difficult and sensitive issue. Trisonmy 18 is a hard possibility to face. I don't know if there are other women here who may have had this experience - you might want to try reposting on Ask The Experienced which has more traffic. Otherwise, I know there are support sites on the web specifically for Trisonmy 18.

I'm 38 and had decided that if my AFP had been bad, I would have gone ahead with the amnio. But I know many here would disagree. Have you been offered genetic counselling?

I wish you all the best with whatever decision you make.

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Re : AFP Test

Postby mommy » Fri Aug 12, 637335 12:04 pm

I just turned 41 yesterday and am pregnant with my six child. I have five daughters ages from 20 to 8. had four miscarriages in between
IM now 18 weeks along.
I had a afp test down and my risk for down syndrome was 1 in 1900 but my risk for trisomy 18 came back at 1 in 4, IM so scared! Tomorrow IM going in for a level 2 ultra sound. They also want to do an amniocentesis. IM afraid to do a amnio in case I miscarry but doctors is pushing into having one to find out for sure if anything is wrong with the baby. has anyone had a high risk for trisomy 18 and it turned out OK with a healthy baby or is my baby in trouble.
please help me!

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