I am 31 yrs old and still do not know or understand what happen to

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I am 31 yrs old and still do not know or understand what happen to
I am 31 yrs old and still do not know or understand what happen to my baby. I am now 3 1/2 weeks post partum so I haven't gotten any autopsy reports back to explain what happen on Oct. 15, 2002. I was 37 1/2 weeks preganant and went for my routine visit with the hopes of inducing labor because my BP had been elevated , more so over the last 2 months of my pregnancy. I was to have a ultrasound and non stress test that day. I had been taken out of work 1 1/2 weeks proir to this appointment. My ultrasound showed no movement or heartbeat. I was told by the doctor that the lungs and heart had filled with fluid, and that my baby had died. My last visit was only 4 days before and my husband and I heard the heartbeat. But my Bp readings were always 160/108(normally 123/88) and no one made us aware that there was any concern for the health of our baby or myself. After being induced and 8 hours of labor I delivered our 4lb 4 oz baby girl.(stillborn)I still do not understand why a full term normal pregnancy delivered only a 4 lb 4 oz baby without any concerns that I had only gained 8 1/2 pounds during my pregnancy and my hands, feet and face were swollen from 30 weeks until then. I had headaches everyday for about two weeks and that stopped once I delivered. Once my water was broken my blood pressure dropped back to my normal readings of 123/88.Blood work had been drawn and I was told that the test were negative for preeclampsia. I am still waiting the pathology reports and autopsy to hopefully give my husband and I some closeure and hope for the future of being able to try again and not ever have to experience anything like this again. I forgot to mention that less than 12 months earlier we had a misscarriage at 12 weeks due to the fact that my body had not produced enough progesterone to carry the pregnancy until the placenta took over. I am a little reluctant about trying to get pregnant again but with time I hope this passes because we were told we could try agin in 6 months. I only wish that doctors were a little more concerned about what the patients are telling them and try to educate them a little because like myself until this happened to me I was unaware of preeclampsia and even the fact that high BP can effect a pregnancy this way.
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