My experience with HELLP Syndrome (3rd pregnancy)

Post On Monday, April 30, 2012 By Kaylee

My experience with HELLP Syndrome (3rd pregnancy)

April 10th of this year I was 21+7 weeks pregnant with my second son when I delivered and found out I had developed HELLP for the second time. I had another emergency c section and had to get put to sleep because my platelets were to low to stay awake. My son was born 8 ounces and was so precious and tiny. He had no chance because he was too little. My whole pregnancy was perfect and I was excited because every time I went to my doctors appointments, I was always great with protein and blood pressures. One thing they always told me though was that I was extremely dehydrated, they told me that wouldn't affect anything. I had a docs appointment a week before I delivered and I was fine that's why I was in such shock when I ended up in the hospital. On Easter morning I started to develop abdomen pains and I thought it was indigestion because it had went away and I called L&D and they told me if it came back to come in. The next day at night the pain came back extremely worse and went into my back. The next morning I had went into L&D and they were giving me a little hope because my blood pressure was good and i only had a trace of protein for the first time. When I got my labs back I found out I had developed HELLP. I didn't even have preeclampsia. That's what confused me... it all came on so sudden. They had gave me two outcomes that I could stay with the same levels and keep me until I get 23 or 24 weeks until the baby is healthier to survive or that my levels will get worse and I'll have to deliver. And that's what happened within 6 hrs my levels have gotten worse drastically. I cherished every minute I had with my son and I miss both of my boys deeply. It breaks my heart that I can not have them here with me today. I have my daughter but I wanted to raise a boy. I get so upset seeing other babies because I know I won't be able to hear my boys cry. My life has changed so much since I lost my children. I have changed emotionally... it's so easy for me to breakdown. I had to put two of children to rest... I'm only 26 and it's the hardest thing my husband and I had to do.

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Posted On Thursday, July 26, 2012 By Nancy

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