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Spring is near, and many areas of the country are ready to shake off the snow and welcome the warmer weather. Outdoor gatherings such as garden tours, Easter parades, arts festivals and baby item sales seem to appear everywhere you go. Could these be opportunities in your community for distributing preeclampsia materials at an information stand? Email Johanna Aiken, Director of Patient Education to learn more about distributing brochures and other patient education materials at your local events.


There are also a variety of fresh ways you can use the season to benefit the Foundation through fundraising: check out the brand new "Top Ten Spring Fundraising Ideas" for some inspiration. Visit the Events page to see how members in Texas, Iowa, and California have already committed to using spring to refresh their volunteer efforts and inspire local group development. Promise Walk teams are also gearing up for their area walks by hosting sports tournaments, sales, and dinner nights to boost local participation and contributions.


Spring Break can also be a great time for students to get involved in making a difference in their local community. Candy sales, flower sales, bicycle or motorcycle rides can rally support for critical awareness and fundraising, and is a great way to get those volunteer hours! Have an idea for a fundraising and awareness project or event in your area? Contact Director of Local Fundraising Dawn Detweiler for support and guidelines.


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