Educational Symptom Pads (Español)

Educational Symptom Pads (Español)

Diseñado para parecerse a un talonario de recetas, se trata de una herramienta fácil para la educación de habla española al público.



Designed to look like a physician's prescription pad, the pads are an easy education tool for all health care providers. A care provider can tear off a sheet for a patient, personalize it with the day's date, current blood pressure and proteinuria readings, and send the patient home with signs and symptoms to be aware of, as well as the Preeclampsia Foundation's free resources for more information, the website and a toll-free hotline. It's an ideal way to help a newly diagnosed or at risk patient access more information and provide her vital signs in writing. These materials are free as part of our patient education campaign, but include a small US-based shipping and handling fee according to the quantity requested. If you wish to order a different amount than the options listed in the above pull-down menu or are shipping to an international location, please email


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